Being LeVar Burton's Daughter Didn't Get Mica Burton Her Star Trek: Picard Role

In the final episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," called "All Good Things..." (May 23, 1994), Capt. Picard (Patrick Stewart) had become unstuck in time and was randomly experiencing his past from seven years prior, his present, and his future 30 years hence, all out of sequence. This was an exciting premise for "Next Generation" Trekkies, as it allowed them to see one possible future for all their favorite characters. This has been a notable episode ever since the debut of "Star Trek: Picard" in 2020, as certain elements of the "All Good Things..." future timeline have sneakily made their way into the franchise's official canon.

For instance, "All Good Things..." features Picard tending to his family's winery, something he does in "Picard." "All Good Things..." also posited that Picard was diagnosed with Iromodic syndrome, a rare brain ailment. That syndrome becomes a plot point in the third season of "Picard." Notably, in both "All Good Things..." and "Picard," Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) has three children named Brett, Sidney, and Alandra. In the former, he was a novelist; in the latter, he was a museum curator, but his children remained consistent. 

On "Picard," audiences have met two of those kids. Sidney (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut) operates the helm on the U.S.S. Titan-A, and Alandra (Mica Burton) works with her dad at his starship museum. Mica Burton, one might note, is LeVar Burton's actual daughter. 

In a recent interview with Collider, Mica talked about being cast as Alandra, and how her father didn't even know she auditioned for the part. She also said — heresy! — that she prefers "Star Wars" to "Star Trek."

Mica Burton's career

Mica Burton began acting professionally in 2015, appearing in Matt Hullum's sci-fi comedy film, "Lazer Team." Shortly thereafter, she began hosting various online, pop culture-related shows like "The Know" and "Achievement Hunter." Much of her career to date has been hosting various online chat and interview programs, many of them centered on role-playing games. Burton said that it was important she carve a niche for herself and not merely take jobs because of her father's celebrity status. Once she felt established, though, "Picard" crossed her desk and, well, she felt it was a good time to audition for something her father was known for. She said: 

"Well, it wasn't something that I think my dad and I ever thought was going to happen, seeing as I really love to make my name outside of his, and also, I was never a fan of 'Star Trek' ... I was a 'Star Wars' kid. But, when [showrunner Terry Matalas] wrote this new story for Geordi, and it involved daughters, and it coincided with a time in my career that I felt I had established myself in my own right, and now would be a really fun time to work with my dad, the opportunity presented itself to audition. And audition I did." 

Trekkies may simply have to overlook Burton's "Star Wars" fandom. We are open-minded people and accept everyone no matter what fandom they belong to (he said through gritted teeth). 

LeVar's recollection

LeVar Burton, meanwhile, was happy to work with his own daughter, and recalled the story of her birth, which came during a crucial time in 1994 when he was filming "Star Trek Generations." Despite being a Starwoid, Mica was always seen by her dad as part of the "Trek" movie family. Coming back to work on "Picard" after several decades, LeVar seemed to feel, was a natural evolution for both of them. On working with Mica, LeVar said:

"On many levels, it was next level. Because not ever having expected this, this soon in her career, this comes as a great surprise, as well as a great gift. And she's been a part of the 'Star Trek' family behind the scenes, off-camera for the whole of her life."

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" ended its run in May of 1994. Filming on "Star Trek Generations" began immediately after the TV series wrapped, and was released in theaters on November 18. In the middle of all that, in July, Mica was born. Indeed, LeVar revealed that she was actually born early, interrupting a post-wrap retreat he had planned. 

"She was supposed to have been born a couple of weeks after we finished 'Generations,' but she came a little early. I finished 'Generations,' was going to go on a personal retreat up to the mountains, and the night before I left for retreat, she came."

Mica, a little sarcastically, merely replied, "I am so sorry I ruined your trip."

Both Burtons seem thrilled to finally be on camera together, regardless. Mica, from her tone, seems determined to continue on her own career. If one is into RPGs and PC gaming, she will likely continue to pop up.