Party Down Season 3 Is 'Definitely Not A One And Done'

When "Party Down" was cancelled in 2010, fans of the acclaimed catering company comedy clamored for a comeback. Thirteen years later, Starz finally complied and have started the party once again by bringing back the series created by John Enbom, Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge, and Paul Rudd. However, the sitcom, which stars Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, and Megan Mullally (but unfortunately not Lizzy Caplan due to scheduling conflicts), is only returning for a six-episode third season. But it sounds like this won't be the last hurrah for our beloved caterers.

With the past two seasons clocking in at ten episodes each, many are wondering why the comeback is cut a little short. But on the flip side, maybe it means that there's actually more story to be told. During a recent roundtable discussion with Hansen and Starr, /Film's Ryan Scott asked whether the show would be returning for additional seasons or if this new season was just a one and done type of deal. While their response was rather vague overall, the stars who play frenemies-but-really-friends on the show did offer some hope for the future. In short, the actor behind "heartthrob" Kyle Bradway had this seemingly definitive statement to share: "Yeah, it's definitely not a one and done."

Comeback kids

Members of the press were given the first five episodes of "Party Down" season 3 to help them prepare coverage for the show's grand return this month. So while we do know what kind of shenanigans Henry, Ron, and the gang get up to for most of their new chapter, critics and journalists are all in the dark about how it comes to an end, just like the general public. The cast and crew were aware of this, so during these interviews, they were able to play coy about the future of the show. So despite his co-star's seemingly definitive answer, Martin Starr simply said "I think the sixth episode kind of answers your question" and explained that he'd love to come back to play Roman DeBeers if the opportunity arises. He continued:

"But maybe the sixth episode just wraps it up all nice and neat with a bow. Who knows? Or, maybe there's a little teaser of the potential that we would come back and do another one. Hopefully. I'd do it forever. I'm not John Enbom, I don't get to write the dialogue. But I'd do it forever."

To follow up, Ryan Hansen teased that a larger audience may find season 3 after another six years, which would lead to a new cult following and yet another revival down the line. But when the new episodes air, I feel like viewers will be very happy with what these creative minds have come up with alongside new cast members Tyrel Jackson Williams, Zoƫ Chao, and Jennifer Garner. We'll just have to wait and see how the return plays out when the finale rolls around at the end of March.

The season three premiere of "Party Down" debuts on Starz at 9:00pm EST on February 24, 2023.