Here's Your Chance To Buy Raccacoonie From Everything Everywhere All At Once

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" is the best movie of 2022 — as voted by the /Film staff. This is such a profound movie, one that touches on many topics with care, a story that can be interpreted in many different ways, from a story about immigration, and a story about menopause, to a story about ADHD — all of them equally valid.

This is a maximalist film with the best use of the multiverse in a movie last year (even with a way smaller budget than the other ones). The Daniels show they don't need to be hired by Marvel, they can make their own MCU movie for cheaper, but with more ambition. Indeed, this movie has a compelling and expansive world, but also incredible action scenes, and some of the weirdest imagery in a movie last year. As our own Jacob Hall described it in his review, this is "a spiraling, sweeping, stunning descent into madness followed by a stirring call for healing, and for kindness."

Arguably, in a film as bizarre and special as "Everything Everywhere All At Once," the best and weirdest part is Raccacoonie, the "Ratatouille" parody with the best pay-off in the whole movie. It's a scene that wouldn't work in any other film but one made by the guys who gave us the farting corpse movie and the groundbreaking "Turn Down for What" video.

Now, you too can get your very own special little raccoon chef, because A24 is auctioning the real Raccacoonie.

Your new best friend

A24 announced on Twitter that they are auctioning off most of their props used in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" with all the proceedings, all of them, going to the Laundry Workers Center, Asian Mental Health Project, and Transgender Law Center. 

The items being auctioned off include Jobu's elegant-as-hell Elvis costume, but also the sausage finger gloves, Deirdre's auditor of the month dildo trophy, a googly-eyed rock, and the star of the show, Raccacoonie himself — but is it the actual raccoon corpse that inspired the animatronic?

The auction is split into three parts, for each of the three charities being supported, and each with a theme: "Laundry & Taxes Auction" which contains everyday items from the Wang family, plus a few surprises from the Hot Dog universe. "Mementos from the Multiverse" which deals with the weirder things that belong in the multiverse explored in the movie, like Raccacoonie or Waylon's alphaverse glasses. And "In Another Life Auction" is mostly about the spectacular costumes from the film.

The auction starts tomorrow February 23, 2023. Place your bid right here.