Will There Be An Abbott Elementary Season 3?

The modern TV landscape is not an easy environment for a network sitcom to thrive, but week after week, Quinta Brunson's "Abbott Elementary" continues to amaze. When the series debuted its second season this past fall, the ratings for the fan-favorite comedy soared, making the premiere ABC's highest-rated comedy telecast in three years (since the "Modern Family" finale). Even now, 12 episodes into its run, the sophomore season is averaging around 9.1 million viewers per episode, when you factor in cross-platform viewing. The numbers speak for themselves: people just can't get enough of Willard R. Abbott Elementary and its dedicated staff of teachers.

The series follows the day-to-day lives of elementary school teachers at a Philadelphia public school, where missing Halloween candy can shift the balance of power and a TikTok desk jumping craze can transform a classroom into an accident waiting to happen. Thankfully, the teaching team in question is rounded out by longtime teaching veterans (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter), optimistic newcomers with bright ideas (Brunson, Chris Perfetti, and Tyler James Williams), and the school's principal (Janelle James) who occasionally astounds everyone by actually contributing to the daily running of the school.

If you somehow haven't already had the pleasure of watching "Abbott Elementary," then drop what you're doing and sprint to your nearest screen. It's available on both Hulu and HBO Max — that's how badly the universe wants you to get your eyeballs invested in this hilariously heartwarming series. Need more convincing? Let today's news speak for itself — ABC has just announced that "Abbott Elementary" is already slated to continue with a third season.

Rejoice! Abbott Elementary has officially been renewed

This renewal news comes fresh off of an already exciting week for the "Abbott Elementary" crew. Brunson summed it up best in a tweet, highlighting the "wild 24 hours" wave of joy: "Golden Globes for Abbott, Tyler and myself (thankful). SAG nominations for Abbott (thank you SAG!). The Abbott Hair and Makeup team are nominated for the SGA's and we are so proud of them, and last but not least– Abbott Elementary has been renewed for season 3!"

In addition to taking home three Golden Globes at last night's telecast, the series also has nominations from two different award bodies to tout: SAG and the WGA. Between the impending trophies and the sky-high ratings, it's no wonder ABC wanted to keep the momentum going with this season 3 renewal news. "'Abbott Elementary' is the gift that keeps on giving," said Channing Dungey, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Television Group, who added:

"This renewal is a richly deserved feather in the cap of Quinta Brunson, Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Randall Einhorn, as well as the rest of the cast and crew of 'Abbott Elementary.' Each week, this talented group of artists celebrates true unsung heroes — public school teachers ... I look forward to many more magnificent episodes of this brilliant, authentic and just plain funny series."

Let the joy (and slowburn romance) continue

There's also a dark side to this promise of more to come: do you know what this early renewal news means, "Abbott Elementary" fans? That's right — consider your dreams of Janine (Brunson) and Gregory (Willams) quickly realizing their feeling for one another officially dashed. If there's a third season on the way, then this slow-burn will-they-won't-they romance is bound to continue its slow crawl forward as these two awkward adults refuse to acknowledge their true feelings. But honestly, with writing this good, who cares? The real fun is watching their tender friendship continue to bloom. Eventually, they'll figure out how the romance factors in. Probably.

In the meantime, we still have lots to look forward to, like Ava's increasingly wild antics, Barbara's inability to remember a single celebrity name, Melissa's sketchy comments, and Mr. Johnson's general weirdness.

New episodes of "Abbott Elementary" air Wednesdays on ABC.