Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Is 'Definitely More Insane' Than The First Movie

There is no denying that 2018's "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" was a game-changer for both the animation and superhero game. This was cinematic excellence on every level, so much so that it has cemented itself as one of the most beloved superhero movies ever made at this point. That being the case, next summer's sequel, "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," is highly anticipated, to say the very least. To add a bit of fuel to the fire? Producers/writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are hyping up the sequel as even more insane than its predecessor.

The duo recently spoke with The Wrap about the sequel in a piece celebrating 20 years of Sony Pictures Animation. During the conversion, Miller explained, "The things that we're doing in this new 'Spider-Verse' movie are breaking the pipelines all over again. But everyone's excited about it and not just terrified." Lord then went on to add, "It's definitely more insane. We finally made some people nervous. I feel like we've done our job."

Even with two trailers for the film out in the world, remarkably little has been revealed. We haven't even seen The Spot, the new villain, in action. The latest trailer featured a great deal of recycled footage from the first movie, so it's clear that they are keeping many secrets well-guarded. But this vague talk of insanity is enough to make fans raise an eyebrow, to be certain.

Lots of pressure to deliver the goods

The sequel is being directed by a new trio in the form of Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson, with yet another sequel due to arrive in 2024. That's part of the reason it took so long to get the first sequel made. One thing that Lord and Miller know is that the eyes of the world are on them, and the pressure to deliver the goods is high. 

Miller had this to add:

"There's a lot of pressure on these films because you want the movie to deliver an engaging story and an emotional journey. You also want it to be all the things that people are hoping for but then also you need it to be something that people didn't even know that they wanted. Because the whole idea of these movies is we're showing you something you've never seen before. And if we just did a fun mild story that felt like the first movie, I think it would be a bit disappointing. You want to feel like you're seeing visuals that you've never experienced before. To do all of those things and do them in a way that's engaging and satisfying is a big challenge but it's also part of the reason why we do these things. That's the goal, just to make you laugh and cry and experience something that you've never experienced before."

Lord and Miller have plenty of help, as "Into the Spider-Verse" directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman are all back as executive producers as well. Can they pull all of this insanity together to make a satisfying follow-up? We'll find out next summer.

"Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" is set to hit theaters on June 2, 2023.