Manifest Season 4 Trailer: We Are Now Beginning Our Final Descent

The intriguing, complicated mysteries of "Manifest" are about to be solved once and for all. The supernatural series, which was canceled last year by NBC, will officially return this fall for a final season on Netflix after the streamer decided to give it one last chance to fly. Given that the once-heroic platform rarely rescues high-profile shows these days, and more often cancels trippy ones like this (see: "The OA"), it'll be especially interesting to see how this last season plays out.

The show is set to return on the exact anniversary of when its protagonists, the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, landed five years in the future in its pilot episode. Ahead of its November premiere, a new trailer dropped at Netflix's Tudum festival today. Check out your first look at "Manifest" season 4 here.

Last call for boarding Manifest season 4

The fourth season of "Manifest" will be divided up into two parts, meaning all the action shown above will likely take place during the first batch of episodes that will drop this fall, with a second concluding set of episodes debuting later on. Part 1 of the final season is poised to pick up after the twisty finale, "Mayday, Part 2," which ended on a cliffhanger when the pilot of the original flight, Captain Daly (Frank Deal), appeared and disappeared in front of one character's eyes, taking the reconstructed plane with him.

That's just one of many mysteries this show, an obvious disciple of the "LOST" school of storytelling, still has to solve. The story first began with a big one that's still not entirely explained: namely, how did 191 passengers somehow spend over five years in the air during a seemingly run-of-the-mill flight, and why did they start seeing visions when they landed?

Hopefully, the Netflix continuation will be able to answer these questions and more when the series returns on November 4, 2022.