The Great British Baking Show Season 10 Trailer: Paul Hollywood Looks Into Your Soul Again

Get out those aprons and vow never to have a soggy bottom. It's time once again for "The Great British Baking Show." Season 10 is heading to Netflix in mere days, with new episodes every Friday. The tent is up, a new batch of bakers has been chosen, and Paul Hollywood has practiced his death stare. 

If you've somehow managed to miss this series, you are in for a treat. It is the most soothing thing on TV right now. A bunch of amateur bakers with jobs outside of the cooking industry are chosen to compete against each other in a sun-filled white tent on the grounds of a lovely British estate. 

The bakers are given three challenges each week. First, they have to create an assigned item with their own spin (flavor?) in the signature challenge, which they can practice at home. Next, they get a recipe, often for something they've never seen or heard of before in the technical challenge. The recipe is very often incomplete, so they have to rely on their knowledge to figure it out. In the third challenge, which is called the showstopper, they have to create something elaborate, which they can practice at home, like a bread sculpture or an illusion cake. 

Sounds like any other cooking show, right? You could not be more wrong. In addition to their baking skills, these contestants from all over the United Kingdom are clearly chosen for their kindness and likability. The fact that this is a contest all falls away the second anyone has a problem. Every baker is willing to help each other, even if that means their own offering doesn't win. I don't know what magical place these bakers come from, but I want to live there very much. 

Watch The Great British Baking Show trailer

Judging the bakes are Paul Hollywood, he of the ice blue eyes that stare into your soul, and the wonderful and encouraging Prue Leith. 

If watching delightful people help each other, hoping for a handshake isn't enough, we have hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, who bring us delightful comedy and, in the case of Noel, the most unique shirts you've ever seen. Oh, and plenty of saucy innuendos are served up — soggy bottoms, stiff peaks ... that sort of thing.  

The most amazing part of this series is that all of this baking is to win ... a cake plate and some flowers. Seriously, that's all they get. Sure, the winners usually end up with a cooking show or special, but really, this is for the experience. I promise you that if you're having a bad day, an episode of "The Great British Baking Show" will let your shoulders drop, relax your jaw muscles, and make you grin.*

The Great British Baking Show follows a group of amateur bakers as they compete against each other in a series of challenges, attempting to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with their baking skills. One contestant is eliminated each week, and the winner is selected from the contestants who reach the finals.

"The Great British Baking Show" will premiere its 10th season on Netflix on September 16, 2022. 

*I am no doctor, but it really is a balm for the soul.