Stan Winston is Dead

I have a bit of unfortunate news to report. Academy Award winning special effects and make-up artist Stan Winston died last night. Winston is best known for his work in the Terminator series (Winston designed the original Terminator Endoskeleton), Jurassic Park, Aliens, Predator, and Edward Scissorhands. A frequent collaborator of James Cameron, they co-founded Digital Domain in 1993. Winston was the second special effects artist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Winston also worked on The Thing, Friday the 13th Part III, Alien Nation, The Monster Squad, Pumpkinhead, Interview with the Vampire, Congo, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Small Soldiers, Pearl Harbor, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Big Fish, Constantine, Batman Returns and Iron Man. His work will be seen in upcoming films: Black Mountain, James Cameron’s Avatar, and Terminator 4.


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Six New Iron Man Videos

New Iron Man Videos

Paramount has released a bunch of new Iron Man video clips through their Inside the Suit promotion with LG Phones. The first video is a featurette called Making The Suit, which gives you a very cool behind the scenes look at the collaboration between Stan Winston, Jon Favreau, and Marvel Comics in creating all three versions of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

[flv: 470 192]

The next five videos are short clips from the actual film. Enjoy.

Assembly: The Mark III Suit is Assembled

[flv: 470 148]

Deploy: The U.S. Airforce goes after Iron Man

[flv: 470 148]

Out of Breath: Jim Rhodes (played by Terrence Howard) talks to Tony Stark, who’s flying while talking on the cell phone out of breath.

[flv: 470 148]

Interview: Christine Everhart from Vanity Fair Magazine (played by Leslie Bibb) tries to interview Tony Stark.

[flv: 470 148]

Pepper’s Gift: Tony Stark forgets Pepper Potts’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) Birthday, but she still gets a tasteful gift.

[flv: 470 148]

You can watch higher resolution versions of these videos on by entering pass code LG99. Iron Man hits theaters on May 2nd 2008.

Iron Man Mark 1 Armor at Comic Con 2007
Jon Favreau and Peter Sciretta

Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr and Stan Winston were on hand at Comic Con 2007 to unveil the Iron Man Mark 1 armor on the show floor. We were in Hall H for a series movie panels and missed all this madness. But thankfully my new best friend (yeah, right…) Jon Favreau caught all the excitement on tape with his handicam. Check out the footage after the jump. [via: TMB]
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