One of the things that sets Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman slightly apart from some of the other new takes on Snow White is the way it incorporates the dwarfs. In this version there are eight dwarfs, each of which is named after a Roman ruler.

Now the first of those characters has been cast: Caesar, the oldest of the eight, and an enemy to the Queen and old friend to Eric, the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth). We’ve known that actors would be made to look small via on-set tricks and post-production effects. The first guy you can start imagining reduced to a few feet tall is Ian McShane. Read More »

Universal just can’t get someone to commit to play the male title role in Snow White and the Huntsman. The latest name to float to the top of the casting cauldron is Chris Hemsworth, who everyone will soon know as Thor. He’s truly good in that film — a great screen hero with charisma and physical presence to spare — but would be a lot younger than the Snow White role as it was originally written. What will that do to Universal’s film? Read More »

There are two significant anti-casting updates today. The smaller one is that Amy Adams won’t be in Adam Shankman‘s film version of the jukebox musical Rock of Ages. She got the offer to play a music journalist who plans a hit piece on rocker Stacee Jax (Tom Cruise) before falling for him. But she shrugged and essentially said, “thanks, but I’m already playing this other reporter, Lois Lane. You may have heard of her.” Too bad, because she would have been a fun addition to the weird cast that is coming together for Rock of Ages. [Deadline]

After the break, Hugh Jackman passes on Snow White and the Huntsman; will Universal’s Snow White movie soon falter without a male lead? Read More »

Briefly: Universal and Rupert Sanders appear to be one step closer to choosing their new Snow White. Mr. Sanders is close to directing Snow White and the Hunstman, based on a script by Evan Dougherty, with Viggo Mortensen looking as if he’s basically set to be the Hunstman, and Charlize Theron looking more and more like a lock for the wicked queen that tasks the Hunstman with killing Snow White.

Deadline first linked Kristen Stewart to the role of Snow White a week ago, but saying the actress ‘looms large’ as the favorite is a different thing from THR’s report that Universal has put an offer out to the girl to star in the film. The site says the deal isn’t done, but that “both sides want it to happen.”


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So last night we got what seems to be the first really reliable word on the casting of Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman: Viggo Mortensen is in talks to play the Huntsman. With Charlize Theron also in talks (to play the wicked queen) that leaves a couple major roles wide open. The pivotal one, obviously, is Snow White. The latest actresses mentioned in conjunction with the role are Kristen Stewart and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, A Series of Unfortunate Events). Read More »

Well, there you go. We were just talking about Viggo Mortensen with respect to The Dark Tower. He and Javier Bardem have been rumored as the top choices for the lead role in that massive project, and the offer just went out to Mr. Bardem to star. But Mr. Mortensen isn’t going home empty handed, as he’s in talks for one of the two title roles in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman. (Hint: he wouldn’t be Snow White.) Read More »

Rupert Sanders is in pre-production on Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, as we just talked about extensively this morning. That gives us as good an excuse as any to post his short adaptation of the Charles Burns graphic novel Black Hole.

The short is definitely not safe for work but is worth a look when you’re in a safe, secure environment. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Every couple of days it seems like there’s a new ‘hot project’ in Hollywood, and lately most of these films have been genre pictures of some kind: superhero, or ones at least tinged with fantasy or science fiction. The latest is Snow White and the Huntsman, thanks to a buzzed-about script from Evan Daugherty and the hiring of British commercial director Rupert Sanders. In this case, however, the script is actually pretty damn good.

Universal just announced that it would pit the film against the first part of The Hobbit in December 2012. Now the studio needs to cast the film. Charlize Theron has been rumored as Ravenna, the wicked queen, and now an offer is reportedly out to Johnny Depp to play the title role of the Huntsman. Read More »

This week Universal Pictures got the urge to fill out the company’s calendar for the next couple of years. Yesterday we heard that the studio has dated Judd Apatow’s as-yet-untitled new film for summer 2012. Now there is a flood of new release dates for the studio, for a diverse array of films. Hit the jump for release info for Safe House, The Dark Tower and more. Read More »

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We’re into the final turn and Universal now leads Relativity by a nose. It seems like only yesterday that Relativity Media’s The Brothers Grimm: Snow White was leading the race to get everyone’s favorite dwarf loving brunette onto the big screen. Now, Universal’s competing project, Snow White and the Huntsman, is gaining momentum as reports have surfaced that Tom Hardy, he of Inception and the upcoming Batman 3, is eying the lead male role of the Huntsman. In September, Universal picked up the script by Evan Daugherty with commercial director Rupert Sanders set to direct. Oh, and they are hoping to cast Angelina Jolie as Snow White. We break down the Snow White horse race and Hardy’s availability after the break. Read More »