Disneyland is billed as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” but happy isn’t for everyone. Some people find all that relentless cheer to be kinda creepy, or simply prefer to mix things up with more offbeat, macabre entertainments. For all those people, there’s Banksy‘s Dismaland.

Touted as “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction,” Dismaland showcases work by Damien Hurst, Jenny Holzer, and other artists (in addition to Bansky himself). It also features an hourlong program of short films by Ze Frank, Kristen Lepore, and many more. Get the Banksy Dismaland preview, and watch all 24 shorts, after the jump. Read More »


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Banksy documentary

Last year, the city of New York went nuts with Banksy fever. The famous, anonymous, Oscar-nominated British artist claimed residence in the city and put up a new piece of art every single day. It became a cultural phenomenon with people rushing all over the city to see the art and react. Some locals stole art, other defaced it and some even charged to view it. The whole thing became an incredibly interesting commentary on art as well as humanity.

Though Banksy himself did release a short film about the entire experience, now HBO is going to air a film of their own. Filmmaker Chris Moukarbel has crowd-sourced footage from people who saw the art first hand and made a documentary about it called Banksy Does New York. It’ll air on November 17. Read more about the Banksy HBO documentary below. Read More »

Exit Through the Gift Shop, the street-art documentary credited to Banksy, was one of the best films of 2010, and also one of the most challenged on the basis of authenticity. The film purports to chronicle the street art of Banksy and Shepard Fairey through the lens of a camera held by wealthy dilettante artist Thierry Guetta. At least that’s the basis for part of the film, before Banksy turned the cameras on Guetta as the latter became a wannabe artist named Mr. Brainwash.

Is the film ‘real’? Is Mr. Brainwash an actual practicing artist or part of a long con perpetrated by Banksy for the purpose of documentary satire? The story is so strange some assumed it couldn’t be true.

Now Ron English, another street artist with connections to Banksy, says the film is definitely real, and that it was born when Guetta refused to turn over hundreds of hours of video he’d shot of Fairey and Banksy in action. Read More »

He’s long since conquered the art world and, last year, he conquered the movie world with his meta-documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. Now, international man of mystery Banksy is moving onto another medium: television. He’s created an hour-long special that will premiere Saturday night on Channel 4 in the U.K. called The Antics Roadshow, a take off of The Antiques Roadshow, described as ‘Banksy’s ‘incomplete guide to total anarchy’ providing a greatest hits of wayward behavior, sedition and sabotage.” There’s no U.S. air date yet. Read more about the special, including a quote from Banksy, after the jump. Read More »

POTD: Banksy Finally Responds To Oscar Loss?

Update: It has been confirmed that the art was not done by Banksy. Original story follows.

Everyone was excited to see what shenanigans would occur if Banksy‘s documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop had won the Oscar. Alas, that sadly did not happen. The infamous street artist has been surprisingly quiet since the Academy Awards, after dropping a bunch of street art around Los Angeles in the weeks leading up to the Oscars. But today the artist might have finally posted a response to the Oscars. The piece appears not in Los Angeles or Hollywood, but back in Banksy’s backyard — Weston, UK.

The piece seems to present an “I don’t need your stupid Oscar anyways” type attitude with imagery that insists that the award isn’t much more than a kid’s toy — but that is only my interpretation. The painting is also in reference to 15-month old Lara, who dropped and damaged her father The King’s Speech co-producer Simon Egan’s Oscar statue. If you havent seen that video yet, watch it after the jump. We’ve also included a close-up shot of what others are reporting to be Banksy’s latest.

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‘How To Sell A Banksy’ Trailer

Generally, art is created, displayed and then sold. That tends to be the normal way of doing things. With the street artist Banksy, though, nothing is normal. Much of his work is displayed in public for all to see, and while it would ideally remain there as something beautiful as well as provocative, governing bodies don’t consider the outdoors an open canvas. Therefore, Banksy’s work regularly get painted over, removed or, in some cases, stolen.

That last case is the most interesting one because you can’t just drive down their street and steal a painting. Banksy’s work, however, is there for the taking. Stealing a Banksy with the express desire to resell it is the subject of How To Sell A Banksy, a documentary by Alper Cagatay and Christopher Thompson. Check out the trailer after the jump. Read More »

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Ever since Banksy‘s Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar, the question has been what would happen if he actually won. The internationally acclaimed street artist is almost as well known for his secret identity as he is for his actual art, and two weeks ago it was revealed that his plan had been to show up at the ceremony in a monkey mask — only to have the Academy shoot that idea down. Or not.  A recent quote from Tom Sherak that suggests that the mask might still happen. Read more details after the jump.

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The issue of Banksy‘s anonymity isn’t the only point of contention hanging over this coming Sunday’s Oscar festivities. The artist-turned-filmmaker’s picture, Exit Through the Gift Shop, is anticipated to take home the award for Best Documentary, but is it actually a documentary? That niggling concern has resulted in much debate ever since the film’s first screening at the Sundance Film Festival last year, and now more than ever, the need for cogent confirmation on the matter has become something of a necessity.

This raises the question: Where has Mr. Brainwash been throughout all of this? Banksy recently spoke out about the veracity of the film, proclaiming that it’s “100% true”. It’s no surprise that he’d make such a claim; he directed the film. But what of the man whose image could have conceivably been tarnished by the film? Where does he stand regarding the film’s authenticity, and does he constitute a credible source? Read what he had to say after the break.
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Two things we obviously love on /Film are limited edition art prints and Banksy. Banksy has been in the news lately because his directorial debut, Exit Through the Gift Shop, was nominated for an Oscar and seeming everyday we run Cool Stuff posters of limited edition screenprints from Mondo, Spoke Art, Tommy Good and a ton of other vendors. Film and print art just seem to go together well.

A new short documentary called Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints proves that point. This 15 minute film puts a new spin on Banksy’s 2006 Los Angeles art show Barely Legal, which is a huge part of Exit Through the Gift Shop by focusing on the prints that came out of it. Filmmakers Brad Beyer and Robert Dragan were lucky enough to speak to the man responsible for making Banksy’s limited edition prints for that show and story behind them is fascinating. You can check out the film after the break. Read More »