I know genre-switched trailers have sort of been done to death, but every once in a while a good one comes along that makes me laugh. Today, it’s a trailer for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — done up to look like an indie film. Watch it after the jump.

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‘E.T. 2′ Trailer: “ET-X: Extinction”

Those of you following along will recall that we posted a fan created trailer for E.T. 2 in Friday’s edition of Page 2. That trailer was a mash-up of scenes from Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and E.T.

Christopher Campbell has discovered another fan created E.T. sequel trailer – this one is longer, more-fleshed out and better edited. Created by Robert Blankenheim and Derek Johnson Productions, the faux movie titled “ET-X: Extinction” and uses clips of grown up Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas, as well as clips from other alien invasion and disaster movies — featuring an all star ensemble cast which includes Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and President Obama. Trust me, you want to check this one out. Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump. I’ve also included the War of the Worlds/ET mash-up for those who missed it.

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‘The Avengers’ Fan-Made Trailer

Now that footage from Captain America: The First Avenger has been released, fans have begun to assemble (pun intended) their own movie trailer cuts for Marvel’s upcoming superhero team-up film The Avengers. New York City-based Yoko Higuchi has created the first fan-made trailer, a cut which incorporates footage from both Iron Man movies, The Incredible Hulk, the Thor and Captain America trailers/tv spots. Hit the jump to watch it now.

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YouTube user Rothejfunk decided to create a modern-style trailer for Ivan Reitman‘s classic sci-fi comedy Ghostbusters. The trailer uses Zack Hemsey‘s “Mind Heist” score from the trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s Inception… And why not? It seems like every other Hollywood action movie is trying to copy this piece of music for their trailer releases (see Thor). The trailer re-edit is so good that Gizmodo speculates that “maybe we need Christopher Nolan to reboot Ghostbusters?” Watch the trailer embedded after the jump.
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A Century of Film

/Film reader Sean Grady has edited together an 11-minute video montage titled “A Century of Film”. It’s not exactly a century at it begins in the 1920’s, and some might argue that it’s a bit more heavy on the last 30 years (for example, the video hits the 1980’s before the 5 minute mark, and the last twenty years of movies occupies the last four minutes). But all in all, it’s worth a watch, and looks like it took a lot of time to put together.
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Exhibitor Relations has reported that the 2010 box office will “be on par with 2009–$10.55 billion vs. $10.58 billion. That’s a moderate drop of just 0.3%, however a decrease in attendance of nearly 5%.”

Our friends at TheFilmStage have directed us to Xach, who has created a cool visualization of this year’s box office in today’s Daily Distraction. Click here to check it out, and mouse-over all films to see their monthly totals. Its particularly interesting to see which films had legs in theaters (i.e. Avatar or Inception) and which movies had huge opening weekends, and short tails (ie Shrek 4).

Also, /Film reader Elvis D pointed me towards yet-another “Best of 2010″ video montage, but this time a two-minute compilation featuring the Top 25 films of the 2010 US Box Office. Hit the jump to watch that video.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The Beauty of Pixar

After spending 11 days revisiting Pixar Animation Studios’ eleven feature films, video editor Leandro Copperfield hand-selected 500 scenes and edited together a 7-minute tribute titled “The Beauty of Pixar”. You might remember that we featured Leandro’s Filmmaker Deathmatch series of video montages (Kubrick vs. Scorsese, Tarantino vs. The Coen Brothers) earlier this year on the site. Watch “The Beauty of Pixar” embedded after the jump.
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VOTD: The Santa Clause (Pedophile Version)

A viral video going around the web today is a fan edit movie trailer for The Santa Clause which turns the Tim Allen Christmas family film into a story about a creepy pedophile who abducts children dressed as Santa Claus.
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There are a bunch of “Best of 2010″ video montages virally spreading around the web that we have not featured on the site. The videos include: ‘2010: The Winners Are’, ‘2010: At The Movies’, ‘2010: Scenes From a Year In Film’, Matt Zoller Seitz’s ‘Never Let Them Go: 2010 And The Movies’.  I’ve compiled the videos into one post, which you can find after the jump.

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