In Hollywood, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seem to be one of those trends that come and go. They stay in the sewer for years, then pop up with a new movie, then go away again, then pop up with another movie (still rumored to be on track for 2012). But on the internet, where the world comes together, the Turtles never really die.

Though they originally gained popularity as toys, most of us came to know and love the Turtles based on their hit cartoon show that ran from 1987-1996. Sure the original live action movies certainly hold a place near and dear to our hearts, but there’s something about that show. Something about that theme song. Something that almost makes you … want to reenact it shot by shot with your friends. See what we mean after the jump. Read More »


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Movie Trailer: ‘TRON: Legacy – Low Rez’ in 3D

Because you demanded it, because we haven’t posted about it enough, and because you know you’re excited, it’s time for another TRON: Legacy post! This post, however, isn’t as serious as Dave’s editorial on the potential box office failure, or as expensive as my write up on real life light cycles. No, this is just a group of massive TRON fans from Gamervision who’ve watched Be Kind Rewind one too many times and decided to make their own version of the TRON: Legacy trailer. They named it TRON: Legacy – Low Rez.

I saw the film last night (look out for the full review soon) and really kind of loved it. Then I watched this trailer and it made me wish I could see the film again right now. Check it out after the jump, as well as the side by side comparison video and even a behind the scenes video. Oh, and if you have a pair of Red and Blue 3D glasses, break those out. Cause this sweded trailer is in eye-popping 3D (hence the blurry photo above). Read More »

Fan Created ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie Trailer

Who knows when we might finally see a big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card‘s sci-fi novel Ender’s Game. Hollywood has been trying to bring the sci-fi property to the big screen for the last decade, first with German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, The Perfect Storm) set to direct based on a screenplay by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and just recently it was announced that Gavin Hood (Wolverine) has come aboard the project as both writer and director.

But you don’t have to wait years to see what an Ender’s Game movie might look like, as a fan has edited together a trailer using imovie. Steven Davis used clips from Star Trek, Star Wars episodes I and II, Starship Troopers, Serenity, Soldier, Tron: Legacy, and Trailers for Halo: Reach,  Deus Ex: Human Revolution, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Live Free or Die Hard, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, set against the backdrop of “5th Wheel Music – A Hero Emerges”. Hit the jump to watch the trailer now.
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VOTD: Toy Grit – True Grit/Toy Story Mash-Up

You’ve probably seen the trailer for True Grit, and you’ve seen the Toy Story films, but have you seen Toy Grit? Forensicator8 has created a movie trailer mash-up which combines the Coen BrothersTrue Grit and Pixar’s Toy Story series. Watch it now, embedded after the jump.
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VOTD: Scott Pilgrim vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender

I know these Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie trailer mash-ups are probably getting old, especially after that awesome Matrix video. I mean, how can you top that one? Someone created a trailer mashing up Scott Pilgrim with the Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender (not to be confused with that “thing” that M Night Shyamalan created…). Director Edgar Wright actually tweeted out this video, stating “Okay. I thought Scott Pilgrim Vs The Matrix was the best trailer mash up yet. I was wrong. Behold.” Watch the movie trailer mash-up now, embedded after the jump.

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LOL: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix


With Scott Pilgrim vs. the World being the financial disaster that it is, the blame is likely to be placed largely on the marketing. Where did the trailers go so wrong?

But more importantly, a question you’ve clearly been wondering ever since Pilgrim bombed: If The Matrix had been anything like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, would it still have found success?

That’s not at all the question posed by the video Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix, a craftily edited mash-up of Scott Pilgrim trailer audio and footage from The Matrix trilogy, but what the hell, it should give you guys something to talk about in the comments. Watch the trailer, complete with perfectly utilized “Woah” usage, after the break. Read More »

VOTD: Star Wars Uncut


You may recall that we’ve previously written about an interactive art project called Star Wars Unut. The idea was to recreate Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope using 472 15 second fan recreated scenes. Fans that participated recreated a 15 second segment of the film any way they wanted to. Some filmmakers submitted their own Be King Rewind-style Sweded video reproductions, while others recreated scenes using various forms of animation and photography. The project was launched in early 2009, and the movie has finally been completed and is available to watch for free online. Watch it right now after the jump.

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/Film reader Jonathan Kiwanuka decided to create a fan made trailer for The Matrix trilogy, showcasing all three Wachowski films in under six minutes. Jonathan explains:

“I’ve always wished to see an ultimate trailer for the Matrix trilogy and since there was no one to be found, I always wished to do it, so here is my attempt. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the comments.”

Watch the fan created “Ultimate” Matrix trilogy trailer embedded after the jump.
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