You’ve probably already seen the new movie trailer for Tron Legacy which was unlocked last week during Comic-Con. But did you see the easter eggs hidden in the new footage? But first, for those of you who don’t know, director Joseph Kosinski is signed to direct a remake of The Black Hole for Disney, with producer Sean Bailey on board, along with Clash of the Titans scribe Travis Beacham working on the screenplay.In the opening flashback sequence, you can spot a couple easter egg references to the original 1979 sci-fi film. Hit the jump to have the easter eggs revealed.

The Black Hole in Tron Legacy

If you look at the very right of the above shot of young Sam Flynn’s shelf, you will see a small figure:

Is the figure a reference to one of the robots from the 1979 Disney sci-fi film The Black Hole? It’s unclear (literally).

The next shot is more obvious. On another shelf is a statue of two light disc warriors in action. Behind them is a book:

The Black Hole in Tron Legacy

The book, titled “The Black Hole”, looks much like the posters for the movie:

The Black Hole poster


The Black Hole poster

Thanks to /Film reader Jordan T for the tip.

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