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How much would you pay for a movie ticket? $10? $15? $20? I remember when a ticket to a matinee showing was under $4. The first stop on my 28 day journey is the Telluride Film Festival. The festival pass costs $680 for the full four days. If you see 4 movies a day, then you’re paying $40 a movie. Festival-goers buy this pass blindly, not knowing any of the films which have been selected to play the festival. In fact, the line-up isn’t even announced until the day before, and even then, other surprise screenings are scheduled. The small intimate film festival sells out every year. I never thought I’d say this but I’m excited, even after forking over $40 per movie. Is $40 too much to pay to see a movie? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

When the Telluride advertisement on my plane said “Trade in your remote for ours”, they weren’t kidding. At the time we shot this second video blog, we weren’t quite there yet. First off, you need to go through Denver to get to get to Durango, which is just 2 hours and 11 minutes outside of Telluride. And that’s only if you get the directions right.

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Alex Billington from FirstShowing.net explains what went wrong.

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The following is Alex’s reaction, from a half an hour later, when he learns that we have 45 more miles until Telluride.

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We finally arrive at the Telluride Film Festival! But now to find our Hotel…

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In our last broadcast, your heroes take a journey down a dangerous dirt road, and over a wooden bridge that no car should be allowed to cross over. Do we make it out alive?

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