Resident Evil - Escape from Raccoon City 2

Find Item. Kill the Lickers.

Milla Jovovich fans take note: Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City is not based on the films. The maze is devoted to the overlapping Capcom games Resident Evil 2 and 3. While it succeeds mightily as an action-sci-fi-horror environment, cheeky tributes to its provenance are scattered throughout. Claire and Leon battle right beside you. Eagle-eyed gamers will locate items exactly where they should be. One hilarious scene pays tribute to that moment in every gamer’s life: the paused game.

On hand for the media event, Capcom Brand Manager John Diamonon stated how fans of the franchise shaped the content. “Just capturing that whole mood, that whole mystery surrounding this viral outbreak was important to us and important to our fans. They really were calling for some more classic survival horror, which is one of the pillars of our franchise.”

Having not experienced the games, Resident Evil surprised at every turn. The shy cameraman I walked through with knew the games by heart. Afterward he gushed over how much the maze mirrored gameplay. I don’t know how he saw anything given the shuttered fingers over his eyes.

Universal Orlando Resort unleashes the horror of some of the most terrifying names in entertainment with Halloween Horror Nights 23.

New Nightmares

Though not as hotly anticipated as the licensed properties, the attractions built from lesser known content may hold a distinct advantage: You have no idea what to expect. The remaining three mazes charmed and startled in equal measure. Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance tells the story of a serial murderer who suffers eternal torment from his victims after getting fried in the electric chair. (I wonder if Aiello is a fan of Wes Craven’s Shocker?) The maze is in 3D and wholly disorienting. Havoc 2: Derailed boasted the most devout actors: each shaved their heads to portray the genetically engineered soldiers bent on destroying a speeding train. Lastly, my favorite of the three, Urban Legends: La Llorona tells of a weeping women cursed eternally to walk the earth. Why so sad? She drowned her children. Creepy stuff.

I loved all the haunts, but for sentimental reasons, An American Werewolf in London will be the most fondly remembered. When asked if he’d consider working on a similar project again, Landis joked of a follow-up that may fare better for the faint of heart. “Next year there’s gonna be the ¡Three Amigos! Horror Maze!”

¡Three Amigos!? We’re eager to see those scharacters.

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