The Wolf of Wall Street Just The F Words Edit

You may have heard that Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf Of Wall Street holds the record for the most F-bombs in a narrative feature film (the documentary “Fuck” obviously wins the all time record). ScreenJunkies decided to create a two-and-a-half minute cut of the film featuring only the F words said in the movie. But those jokers decided to focus on some of the less obvious f-words in the film, and not feature any of the movie’s record-breaking 506 F-bombs. Watch the The Wolf of Wall Street Just The F Words Edit supercut embedded after the jump.

The Wolf of Wall Street Just The F Words Edit

According to Wikipedia, the word “fuck” is used 506 times over The Wolf of Wall Street’s 180-minute running time. Previously, the record was held by Spike Lee’s 1999 drama Summer of Sam with 435 instances of the word “fuck”. But the single most “fuck”-filled movie of all time, which drops 857 f-bombs. That film, titled Fuck, is a documentary about the use of the word “fuck” over the history of cinema.

Scorsese’s other classic films Casino and Goodfellas feature 422 and 300 f-words, good enough for fourth and eleventh place on the record breaking f-bomb list. Further down, Scorsese’s The Departed has a “fuck” count of 237.

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