Dogtooth has been a surprising film over the past year, first shocking audiences at Cannes with a depiction of a family whose dysfunction is more whacked-out than most would think possible, and then blindsiding awards prognosticators when it nabbed a Best Foreighn Language Film Oscar nomination.

Now director Yorgos Lanthimos is already in post-production on his follow-up film. Called Alps, the movie is likely to hit Cannes, and the director says it makes Dogtooth look like a kids’ film. Uh-oh. Read More »


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The last time we saw footage from Dogtooth, the Greek film by Yorgos Lanthimos that was a sensation at festivals last year, it was a NSFW foreign trailer. Now there’s a domestic trailer to advertise this story of extreme family disfunction. Amazingly, it actually makes the film look more insane than the explicit clip did. Read More »