Peyton Reed to Direct Jim Carrey in Yes Man

Yesterday we reported that Jim Carrey had signed on to star in Yes Man. Some people were excited since it will be Carrey’s return to high concept comedy. We weren’t too interested, but that has changed – Peyton Reed has signed on to direct the film according to The Hollywood Reporter. Peyton created one of our favorite modern “guilty pleasures”, Bring It On. You know, that cheerleader film that starred Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union? Yeah, we dug it for probably all the wrong reasons. Reed was also involved in a lot of the behind the scenes documentaries to my favorite movie of all time, Back to the Future. Okay, sure, he also made The Break-up. We’ll forgive him.

Yes Man is an adaptation of Danny Wallace’s memoir. Wallace was very depressed, because he was always saying no. One day he decided to suddenly change and to instead say Yes to every opportunity that comes his way. In the book, Wallace wins $45,000, meets a hypnotic dog, obtains a nursing degree, travels the globe and finds romance. I’m sure the film will be even more far fetched (hey, it’s Hollywood). Producers hope to start shooting this Fall. But since Carrey is attached, there is still a good chance this could fall into development hell.


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Jim CarreyHarry Potter producer David Heyman is developing a comedy film called Yes Man with Jim Carrey attached to star.

“It’s about a man who finds himself very depressed, and is always saying no. When friends ask him out, he always says no,” Heyman revealed to MTV. “[The film will explore] what happens when he decides to say yes to every thing that comes his way.”

“It’s really funny,” he grinned. “It’s one of the funniest scripts I’ve read.”

Glad to see that Carrey is making another return to high-concept comedy, but does anyone other than Heyman think this film will get off the ground? Carrey has recently been plagued with projects that inevitably get sucked into development hell. Heyman hopes to film this Fall.