What a wonderful day it is for a wide variety of film lovers: we’ve had teaser footage for films as disparate as the James Bond film Skyfall, the sequel to Anchorman, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s hotly-anticipated film The Master. And now there is new footage from Wong Kar Wai, whose short film Déjà Vu is being unveiled at Cannes.

The film is sponsored by Chivas Regal, and accordingly is essentially an ad for the company’s whiskey. But there’s a narrative here, a romance between two characters. And as anyone familiar with the director’s work knows, he does romance in a way that is unlike anyone else.

Ad or not, the footage from Déjà Vu is gorgeous, and you should take a look below. Read More »


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It’s a good day for great news. First Criterion makes an incredible deal with Hulu Plus. And now Megan Ellison, the heiress who recently came to the rescue of two Paul Thomas Anderson films (The Master and Inherent Vice) is making a deal to buy North American rights to Wong Kar Wai‘s new film, The Grandmasters. Read More »

If, like me, you got excited at the very idea of seeing footage from a new Wong Kar Wai film, then dial it down a bit. Because while, yes, this is a brief teaser for the great director’s new film The Grandmasters — his own take on the same story told in the film Ip Man — there isn’t actually any film footage here. But fans will want to check it out anyway, and we’ve also got images of Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi as they appear in the film, as a consolation prize. Read More »

First Look: Natalie Portman in My Blueberry Nights

Natalie Portman in My Blueberry Nights

We have our first look at Natalie Portman in My Blueberry Nights, thanks to NataliePortman.com. Gotta love Natalie Portman looking all trashy.

The upcoming film directed by Wong Kar Wai (his first English language film) also stars Norah Jones, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, David Strathairn and Ed Harris. Nights is a road movie loosely based on an earlier short film followed by the character Jones will portray as she works in several restaurant settings and learns of the trials and tribulations of true love.

My Blueberry Nights premieres at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Greatest Living Directors Collaborate on Movie

Cannes Film Festival

Some of the greatest living filmmakers have gotten together to make a feature film which will be shown at the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.
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