Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins Wolverine

It seems like just about every hot young star these days gets to tackle a superhero franchise, but Ryan Reynolds is the rare actor who has three under his belt. Unfortunately, none of them have quite worked out for him. Blade: Trinity didn’t have any successive sequels, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which he played Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, was a critically panned box office disappointment, and Green Lantern fared even worse on both fronts.

Nevertheless, Reynolds remains enthusiastic about the upcoming Deadpool movie, which he reveals will actually acknowledge how terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine was. He seems somewhat less excited, however, about the impending Justice League film, in which he says he has “very little interest.” Hit the jump to read his comments.

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News of Wolverine reshoots the other day set off a firestorm of speculation about whether they meant good or bad news for the new Fox comic book film. Things got so intense that Hugh Jackman himself fired off an e-mail to quell the Fox-hating battle tide. From IESB, We’re now learning at least one of the major reasons behind the reshoots: Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character.

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