For some time writer/producer Akiva Goldsman has wanted to direct an adaptation of Mark Helprin‘s novel Winter’s Tale. We haven’t heard much about the project in the past year, especially since he’s been busy in the past few months with the ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels. Now Winter’s Tale seems to be greenlit based on a script written by Mr. Goldman, and it will be able to shoot in 2012. Read More »


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Hollywood loves Akiva Goldsman. No surprise. He’s a geek at heart, and these days geeks make money. He’s able to marry that sensibility with an approach that brings in adult audiences (The Da Vinci Code) and even wins awards (A Beautiful Mind). And yet a lot of us have a real mistrust of the writer, not even thanks to his credit on the execrable Batman and Robin, but for being the driving force behind turds like I Am Legend and I, Robot. Now Goldsman is ready to move into his next venture, directing, and he’s got a project in mind, and a few big comic book properties already on his plate. Read More »