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There are some filmmakers who deserve the benefit of the doubt no matter what absurd projects they add to their plates. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are on that list. Here are two guys with strong instincts for comedy and storytelling, whose misfires at least have the benefit of being interesting rather than bad. They continuously surround themselves with talented people and aren’t afraid to push themselves into fresh new territory. And yes, This Is the End is pretty much a masterpiece.

So I grit my teeth and keep this in mind when I read about this duo attaching themselves to the long-gestating Where’s Waldo movie, which just sounds like a terrible idea. A literally plotless children’s book series does not seem like a strong foundation for a feature film, but hey, I trust these guys.

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Two projects based on world-famous properties you probably loved growing up are inching just a little bit closer to the big screen. MGM has tapped Todd Berger to adapt Martin Handford‘s children’s book series Where’s Waldo? into a feature, while over at Warner Bros., Invictus and Sherlock Holmes writer Anthony Peckham has entered talks to do a rewrite of Matt ReevesThe Twilight Zone. More details after the jump.

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Days after the announcement of a Jennifer Lopez-produced Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? film comes news that the similarly elusive Waldo, of the Where’s Waldo? books, is getting his own big-screen project as well. MGM has acquired the film rights to the Classic Media property, with an eye on producing a live-action “family adventure” about the character. More details after the jump.

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Where’s WALL-E?

Richard Sargent has created an illustration featuring 180 robots from movies, tv and pop culture. The Where’s Waldo-like game asks you to find Pixar’s WALL-E. Can you spot him? Click on the image to enlarge! Answer after the jump.

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Where’s Waldo? To Become Feature Film


US readers will know him as Waldo, UK readers as Wally but seeing as he was created and first published in the UK, I’m taking the Wally option for this post. Whatever you want to call the little fella anyway, he’s once again on his way to the big screen, this time courtesy of Universal. Until recently, Paramount were planning a Where’s Wally? picture bet they put it into turnaround after which, as The Hollywood Reporter have it, “the rights […] have been bouncing around between entities”.

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