Last week, Warner Bros premiered four new character banners for Spike Jonze‘s big screen adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. Tonight WB has released a second batch of character banners, which includes the following Chris Cooper as DOUGLAS, Forest Whitaker as IRA, Paul Dano as ALEXANDER, Michael Berry Jr. as The Bull. Check out all of the new character banners after the jump.

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New Images: Where the Wild Things Are


More images that bottle a sense of “child-like wonder” and “child-like terror” have washed up on the ‘nets courtesy of the New York Times. They nicely compliment a post yesterday onĀ Sonny Gerasimowicz, the unlikely art director on Where the Wild Things Are. Grab a child-like blanket and prepare to curl up in the fetal position inside your man-like cubicle after the jump…

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As viewers and the media gear up for next month’s release of Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are, we expect to read more articles and essays waxing on the film’s relevance and meaning in pop culture. To me, the project already represents the ideal and inevitable amalgamation of two of the more important, influential, and cynic-exhausted youth subcultures of the aughts: the geeks (as ushered in by Ain’t It Cool) and the hipsters (as ushered in by Vice magazine). As the pioneers and personalities behind these still-crystallizing cultures enter their 30s and 40s, parenthood awaits and so does the desire to help shape the next generation in style, curated nostalgia, and matters of refined taste.

Realizing that members of ’00s bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Liars have left art-damaged fingerprints on what is possibly one of the definitive and more magical family films (of all time?) is both a secure and wild sign of the future. Another unlikely, lesser known contributor to WTWTA (and friend of Liars) is Sonny Gerasimowicz, a street artist off Hollywood’s radar who was hired by Jonze to bring Maurice Sendak‘s Things to the screen.

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Where The Wild Things Are Character Banners


Warner Bros has premiered four new awesome character banners for Spike Jonze’s big screen adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are on MySpace. The new banners feature Carol (voiced by James Gandolfini), Judith (voiced by Catherine O’Hara), KW (voiced by Lauren Ambrose), and Max (played by Max Records). Check out all four posters after the jump.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox top
Hey guys, I’m in a little coffee shop in Telluride center, and I thought I’d do a quick post before my festival adventure gets started. A bunch of new movie posters have hit the interwebs today, including: Bad Lieutenant, Where The Wild Things Are, 2012 and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Head after the jump to check them out.

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How hungry are you to see new footage from Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are? At this point, anything from this movie is welcome, even if it’s only a few seconds. The UK version of that Maurice Sendak featurette we saw back at Comic-Con has about ten seconds of stuff that previously had only been seen by the public in Hall H. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

jonze reitman

There have been a couple great filmmaker profiles released over the last 24 hours that I’ve wanted to recommend, one of which even mentions and quotes /Film. First up is a 7-page New York Times profile on Spike Jonze, which is framed using the struggle with Warner Bros over the big screen adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are, and how the internet and blogs (like /Film) helped the filmmaker retain his vision.

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Where The Wild Things Are

The first track from the soundtrack to Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are is available for streaming at MySpace. The song is credited to Karen O and the Kids, and in this case the name is quite literal. Karen O, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, worked on the music with a host of different artists, but this track features a raw childrens choir as one of the primary ‘voices’. More details after the break. Read More »

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