Funny or Die has been killing it recently. This time, the site has roped in quite a collection of talent: Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Helen Mirren and more (Mike Tyson!) to create a fake trailer for a very ill-considered sequel to When Harry Met Sally. It is a lot like Robert Altman’s film The Player, condensed to under five minutes and with a few 2011-appropriate thrown in. Check it out below. Read More »

I admire Volkswagen for their support of independent film over the past decade. If you attend a regional or big time film festival, you’re likely to see them listed as a sponsor on the big screen before each film (alongside Stella and Visa). In the past, we’ve featured some of their “See Film Differently” television spots which featured film fanatics sharing their vastly different interpretations of classic movies (if you haven’t seen those, check them out now). Last year we featured a series of “See Film Differently” ads directed by Seth Gordon, the filmmaker behind The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. And during the Summer we featured a couple of print ads that VW were running that “see films differently” by presenting them in police reports, Insurance Filings, and other forms.

For their newest series of “See Film Differently” television advertisements, VW has launched a campaign focused on movie locations. “Turning the Camera On Locations” visits “a number of iconic film locations to see what effect the movies have had on the everyday lives of those who work there.” Watch the two television spots which feature Ghostbusters and When Harry Met Sally, after the jump.

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