One of the most famous scenes in Mary Harron‘s American Psycho turns in on itself in thanks to Funny or Die. The scene in question finds Christan Bale’s character Patrick Bateman pointing out the cultural and musical value of Huey Lewis and the News while preparing to murder a colleague.

Funny or Die’s version puts Huey Lewis into the Bateman role, turning the scene into a psychopathic cultural ouroboros. But why’s “Weird” Al Yankovic in this parody? I think you already know.  Read More »


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There are quite a few fans out there to support UHF, the oddball movie from 1989 written by and starring “Weird Al” Yankovic. The singer has been working on a film for Cartoon Network, but recently found that the network abruptly reversed plans to create feature-length live-action content for TV. (Cartoon Network…no live-action…go figure. Though CN is still doing short live-action stuff.) But Yankovic says he’s not giving up on the idea and is pitching it around as a theatrical feature. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Rich Kelley’s UHF Poster

Earlier this month, the Alamo Drafthouse held two sold out screenings of UHF at the huge Paramount Theater with Director Jay Levey and Weird Al Yankovic in attendance. To commemorate the event, MondoTees worked with Jay and Al and come up with a special limited edition poster.

The poster, designed by Rich Kelley, is available as a 18?x24? screen print, hand numbered edition of 200 for only $30. Mondo is also inserting random posters signed by both Al and Jay, and your chances of getting a signed copy are about 1 in 25, so good luck. See the full poster design after the jump.
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Rock musician biopics are pretty foolish. OK, you love a singer or performer and want to see a dramatization of his life, great. No big deal. But after a while they all end up looking alike. I liked Walk the Line just as much as the next guy (OK, maybe less) but we can admit this: these movies are often like endless recombinations of the same elements.

But Weird Al Yankovic…that’s a guy whose life is just screaming to be treated with a high-wattage cast on screen. Why does he love polka? What really went on with Madonna? Was he actually always weird, or just drunk? A new film offers answers. Read More »

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