The last time we talked about Guy Ritchie‘s King Arthur movie, it was suggested that a new script was going to be called for, superceding the Warren Ellis draft and now, we’ve found out who the new writer will be. The lucky winner is John Hodge, probably most famous for having written Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave and Trainspotting. If his adaptation of Trainspotting is anything to go by, he can certainly make order out of rather sprawling and tangled narrative messes, so perhaps he’s a great choice for guaranteeing a driving through-line in this episodic, stop-start storyline.

At least when Ellis was at the Word Processor the film’s basic shape was to be “very specifically about the gathering of the Knights”. Cue Lock Stock style ensemble of British character actors. Variety have reported that the basic source material will be Mallory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, but I can’t imagine the tone and flavour of a 15th century French romance being maintained under Ritchie’s directorship.


You may recall that, last year, Warren Ellis mentioned he was working on a treatment for an Arthurian film that may or may not be a remake of Excalibur. Now Warner Bros. has evidently attached a director to the film: Guy Ritchie, ready for more adventure after scoring a success with Sherlock Holmes. Read More »


What if you went to prison, only to discover that the institution was run by vampires? That’s the very silly premise behind the graphic novel Nightfall, which is now the target of a film adaptation by Aurora Productions and Nightfall’s publisher Platinum Studios. (Someone, please tell me why vampires might run a prison. I’m so curious.) Scott O. Brown and Ferran Xalabarder are behind the graphic novel; no talent is on board the film adaptation yet. Variety reports that this is one more high-concept project to join a couple of other projects Platinum has cooking, like Witchblade and Cowboys & Aliens.

After the break, the resurrection of an unlikely comic-based TV series. Just when you thought Global Frequency had been squelched on television, the signal is coming back again. Read More »


Constantine didn’t entirely work out as a franchise starter or as an adaptation of its source material, the comic Hellblazer. But there’s room for more than one supernatural solider or detective on screens. So Legendary Pictures, which loves to develop comic book movies (recent Batman and Superman films, 300, Watchmen, Jonah Hex) has picked up the rights to Gravel, the series by Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer that centers on British ‘combat magician’ William Gravel. Read More »


Prolific writer Warren Ellis has a post on his site today that mentions a project he didn’t get a chance to talk about while doing press for his Marvel Anime projects at Comic Con. He has penned a draft of an Arthurian movie for Hollywood Gang, the outfit that optioned his graphic novel Ocean and previously co-produced 300. The reason you might be interested (or, some of you may be alarmed) in the project, in case Ellis tackling Arthur wasn’t enough, is after the jump. Read More »

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red casting

Morgan Freeman is in talks to star alongside Bruce Willis in a big screen adaptation of Warren Ellis’ Wildstorm comic book Red for Summit Entertainment.

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Red Comic BookComic Book writer Warren Ellis is finally headed to the big screen. Summit Entertainment (Twilight) announced this morning, a big screen adaptation of Ellis’ Red, about a former black-ops CIA agent who is forced out of retirement when a high-tech assassin shows up to kill him. The comic, first published as a three-issue mini-series by WildStorm (a division of DC Comics) in 2003, is being adapted for the screen by brothers Erich and Jon Hoeber, who also wrote the adaptations of Whiteout and Alice. According to THR, the film will focus on the idea of an older operative set who is set in his ways having to contend with younger and more fit agents as well as modern techniques and technology. The project is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (GI Joe, Transformers).

OceanLast week it was revealed that Warner Bros is developing a big screen adaptation of Ellis’ Ocean. When thousands of coffins containing a sleeping alien race and a giant weapon of mass destruction are discovered beneath the ice on one of Jupiter’s moons, a sinister representative of a powerful conglomerate seeks to exploit the discovery for their own purposes. Newcomer Ryan Condal has been hired to pen the screenplay based on Ellis’ original six issue comic book series.