Wonder Woman

I have never liked Joss Whedon. I always thought he was overrated. I’ve posted snide comments in the past which resulted in the backlash of firefly fanboys. Whedon has been hard at work developing a Wonder Woman movie for Warner Bros. Well today it was announced that the company are “quietly in the process of buying” a spec Wonder Woman script by virtual unknowns Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland. Could it be possible that Warner is not happy with the direction of Whedon’s script? So much so that they are willing to open their wallets for a spec script?
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Sequel Alert: The Departed 2?

The Departed

Martin Scorsese’s latest film has grossed over $125 million domestically, and has become an award nomination black hole. Even though [spoiler alert] most of the main characters are no longer living by the time the credits role, talk has already begun of a Departed sequel.
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