volcano bay

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • Disney patents new technology that will let you alter a ride as you see fit.
  • An unofficial first look at the ride vehicles from the Avatar-themed Flight of Passage.
  • Universal Studios sets an opening day for the Volcano Bay waterpark.
  • The winners of the annual Imaginations Designs Competition.
  • Watch a piece of the safety precautions video for Universal’s Race Through New York ride.
  • DisneyQuest is official closing and Starcade is temporarily re-opening.
  • A look at Disneyland’s secret menu.
  • And more!

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volcano bay trailer

The Universal Studios theme parks built their reputation on allowing guests to “ride the movies” and that continues to be its main appeal. Only now, five-minute rides through your favorite films in the Universal catalog have given way to immersive experiences that allow you to wander through lands that transport you into fantastical worlds like J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, the long-lost Skull Island, and, uh, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

That’s why Universal’s newest addition to its Florida resort is so fascinating. Volcano Bay is a departure from its sister parks (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure) in that it’s a water park, but it’s also a completely original concept that isn’t based on any kind of licensed property. A new teaser video dwells on the chief selling point here: a relaxing experience build on some fairly astonishing technology.

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