The basic plot of Unfriended is as standard-issue as they come. You’ve got six charismatic, photogenic young actors tormented by a mysterious force, which seems to know things it couldn’t possibly know. But two things set the film apart. One is the gimmick — the entire film unfolds in realtime on a single laptop screen. The other is what it has to say about bullies and bullying. (Spoilers ahead for Unfriended.Read More »

Unfriended movie wondercon

The upcoming horror film Unfriended already has a unique look. From the first scene to the last, the entire thing takes place on a computer monitor as a bunch of friends interact on Skype and realize one of their dead friends may have returned, and is trying to kill them. However, what we learned at the WonderCon 2015 panel on the film is that director Levan Gabriadze took that concept to a whole new level. Each actor was in a separate room, actually on a computer, and they shot the entire movie in one take, in real time.  Read More »