Cool Stuff: Excite Lightbikes T-Shirt

Two of the coolest and most iconic bikes from the 1980s have to be from the movie TRON and the Nintendo game Excitebike. Who doesn’t love light trails and short, steep ramps? Well someone had the brilliant idea to combine the two into this shirt. It’s a little pricey at $24.99 but still incredibly cool and available in either blue or black. Hit the jump for the applicable links. Read More »


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TRON: Legacy is out at midnight Thursday and if there’s one thing the film is lacking, it’s merchandise. Seriously though, while there are a ton of different TRON toys and tech out there right now, the one thing we haven’t seen yet are bad ass, limited edition posters. Mondo is happy to oblige. They’ve just unveiled a pair of glow in the dark posters by one of our favorite artists, Eric Tan, which will go on sale on Mondo’s site Thursday December 16 at a random time. See the full sized images and more after the jump. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Old-School ‘Tron’ Motorcycle Helmet

If I was 14 and a motorcycle enthusiast, this helmet would be high on my Christmas wishlist. Or if I thought I might grow into the Tron Guy (this could still happen) I’d pick this up as an investment.

Point is: original Tron circuit pattern designs adorning an old-school open-face motorcycle helmet is a pretty nifty thing. Be prepared to fork over a lot of cash if you want one, however. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Tron/Big Lebowski T-Shirt Mash-Up

Today’s Tee of the day on Teefury is a Big Lebowski/Tron mash-up created by spacemonkeydr titled “Bowling. It’s not just a game anymore.” The shirt if on sale for only $9 plus shipping, and as with all of Teefury’s designs — it will only be available today (Wednesday December 8th 2010) and today only. Hit the jump to see the full design in high resolution.

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Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day today is Arrested Development – The Complete Series (Seasons 1, 2, 3) for only $27.99, 69% off the $90 msrp. The price will only be good until midnight tonight (Wednesday, December 8th 2010) so act fast!

The video game gold box deal of the day is Batman: Arkham Asylum for only $14.99 on PS3 or X Box 360. The price will only be good until midnight tonight (Wednesday, December 8th 2010) so act fast! I just got a PS3 so I’m going to pick up one of these myself.

Other Deals:

Amazon has a bunch of blu-ray movies on sale today:

Daft Punk’s score to TRON: Legacy is available for download for only $3.99. iTunes is $9.99 and the actual album on Amazon is $11.88. Go and buy it now! And then, go and watch these really interesting interviews with in which director Joseph Kosinski talks in depth about Daft Punk’s score.

LOL: Inside The Game

The computer world has evolved a lot since we last entered the grid in the 1982 film Tron. But the result, Tron Legacy, isn’t accurate compared to today’s popular technologies. Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie imagine what the inside of the game should really look like in Tron Legacy.

via: gizmodo

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Okay, this is so frigging cool. Parker Brothers Choppers in Florida have made ten working, life size Light Cycles just like the ones in TRON: Legacy. They don’t leave a trail of light or anything like that, and it doesn’t look like they can actually turn, but they’re tangible and not on The Grid so that’s good enough for us. Oh, and you can buy one if you have $55,000 to spare.

Please note the photo above is not of the actual bike. You’ll have to hit the jump to see a video of these babies in action as well as read all their vital statistics. Read More »


This week, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley discuss the pleasures of surrendering your intellectual property to Amazon, offer their thoughts on the trailers for Source Code, Green Lantern, and Cowboys and Aliens, and announce the winners of the Scott Pilgrim contest(!). Special guest Dave Gonzales joins us from Latino Review.

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We’ve been hearing rumblings of a possible Tron: Legacy theme park ride for a while now. In fact, the day before I visited the Vancouver Canada set of the film, Disney Imagineers were on set taking a look at the concept art, sound-stages, weapons, props and who knows what else. At the time we only knew that the imagineers were very excited about the possibilities. We’ve since seen Tron monorails added to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida and a ElicTRONica party experience and World of Clolor TRONcore in Disney California Adventure.

The film doesn’t hit theaters until December, but the Disney execs seem pretty high on the film, already developing sequels, greenlit an animated television series, and are pushing a heavy amount of merchandise. There is a lot riding on this film, and Disney is already planning their follow-up moves. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are pushing the development of a Tron Legacy theme park ride to the next level.

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