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Infographic: All of the Transformers Autobots

This handy infographic visualizes all of the Autobots (carsa and other land cehicles) from the original American Transformers cartoon, which aired between 1984 and 1986. Hit the jump to see the full infographic.

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Cool Stuff: Minimus Prime T-Shirt

What if Optiumus Primes’ alternative mode wasn’t a big mac truck but instead a gold cart? The latest t-shirt design from Glennz Tees imagines this possibility. This Transformers-parody tee is available in sizes Small to XXXL on GlennzTees.com. Check out the full design after the jump.

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With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, many people are trying to find a costume Alex The Movie Geek put together an Optimus Prime costume in 5 days for $5 out of used cardboard boxes. Alex put together a 9-minute video showing how he constructed the costume. Watch it now embedded after the jump.
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Cool Stuff: Plastic Heroes T-Shirt

Teefury’s T-shirt of the day is a design titled Plastic Heroes created by Nova Scotia-based artist PowerPig. The design should bring back memories for anyone who played with action figures growing up in the 1980′s. A note from the artist:

Today’s toys are super detailed and super articulated, and that’s cool. Still, they’ll never come close to the awesome action figures we had when we were young. This design is a tribute to the toys that defined a decade, which for many of us are now abandoned, broken, or simply lost to time

Priced at only $9, the tee will only be available on Wednesday, September 1st 2010. So act fast! Hit the jump to see the full tee design in higher resolution.
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We’ve known for a couple months now that Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be taking over as the love interest for the third entry of Michael Bay‘s Transformers series, and have even got a few glimpses at her showing off her assets on set. But there still hasn’t been any explanation as to what her place in the film would be, or if her cleavage’s screen time would be able to compete with that of Megan Fox.

Finally, we have a little bit of insight into what character she’ll be playing. No word on the cleavage yet though. Learn more about Whiteley’s character’s affiliation with the Transformers mythology after the break. Read More »

POTD: China’s Life-Size Optimus Prime

The photo above shows a 33 feet tall Optimus Prime statue which was constructed completely out of junk car parts spotted at the Bird’s Nest at Beijing Olympic Park in China. The movie’s Optimus Prime is 32 feet tall and made of 10,108 parts. So this is in fact “life size.” Hit the jump to see the full image.

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What if Scooby Doo‘s Mystery Machine van was actually a robot in disguise? TeeFury’s T-Shirt of the day was designed by Captain Ribman, the same guy who made the popular”El Boba” Boba Fett as a Lucha Libre wrestler shirt. Titled Mystery Mech, the design imagines what a Scooby snack powered Autobot might look like. See the full design after the jump. The good news is that you can grab a copy for only $9 plus shipping. But with all of Teefury’s designs, the tee will only be available today and today only.
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