It’s “cool projects for former The Shield actors” day! We just heard that Michael Chiklis will be the bad guy in Taylor Hackford’s Parker, and now Walton Goggins has been cast in Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln. He’s the latest addition to a monster of a cast that begins with Daniel Day Lewis as the sixteenth President of the US and includes many more. We’ll recap the cast after the break. Read More »


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Earlier today we saw a new poster for Captain America: The First Avenger and now the second full trailer, teased over a week ago at the Hero Complex festival in LA, is online. You can see it after the break. Read More »

You’ll be able to see the new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger this evening (it hits at 7:30 EST) but for now we’ve got a new poster that puts the heroic profile of star Chris Evans front and center. Advance word on the film, by way of a long-lead press screening or two, is very very good, and the movie is really starting to look like the summer action picture to beat. That new trailer will probably give us a better idea of what to expect. While you wait, check out the new poster below. Read More »

Great Hope Springs, the movie in which Meryl Streep plays one half of a married couple spending a week of marriage and sex therapy with a famous therapist (Steve Carell) has gone through a few possible male leads. Jeff Bridges was mentioned early on, and James Gandolfini looked like a possibility at one point. (Those were when Mike Nichols was going to direct, but now The Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel will make the film instead.)

Tommy Lee Jones was next in the casting rumor series, but now he definitively has the gig playing husband to Meryl Streep. That’s a great pairing, and while the director may not be my top choice, I’m still as interested in watching these two actors trade barbs as I was when the idea first came up.

The synopsis for Great Hope Springs is after the break, along with news of new gigs for Maggie Gyllenhaal and Holly Hunter. Read More »

Steven Spielberg is a busy man, and while his plans to finally make an Abraham Lincoln biopic were announced late last year, we’ve had little news since. We know that Daniel Day Lewis would play the title role, and that Sally Field will be Mary Todd, but other than that, there has been very little to report. That changes today with the addition of Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a big list of other actors who are all in talks now. More details are after the break. Read More »

UPDATE: Marvel has released a large new photo of Cap; you can find that after the break, too.

We’ll be seeing a new Captain America trailer very soon, and last night Entertainment Tonight presented a few clips of new footage. There’s not a lot here, but if you look closely you can see the first shot of Captain America throwing his shield. Check the clip after the break. Read More »

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Since last year, Meryl Streep has been part of a film called Great Hope Springs, in which she’ll play half of a couple that goes to a therapist to work out of the loveless malaise that plagues their relationship after 30+ years. Not long ago Steve Carell was signed to play the therapist, and David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada director) was set to direct. Now Tommy Lee Jones is reportedly the first in line to play the other half of the couple. Read More »

Alec Baldwin Drops Out of ‘Men in Black 3’

Briefly: Here’s one more small problem for Men in Black 3. The film has been delayed multiple times, has shot one act of the film while the rest of the script is being reworked, and reportedly has a current screenwriter (David Koepp) working on the condition that he doesn’t have to engage at all with the film’s key producer, Walter Parkes. Now the movie has lost Alec Baldwin, who was set to play a small but key role. Read More »

Is Men in Black III a total oddity in the studio world or merely the next step in the lineage of films like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and Iron Man, which famously went into production without solid scripts in place? Men in Black III started production last November, but shooting started with only part of the script fully in place. A hiatus was built into the production, officially to make the most of New York tax incentives and weather conditions, but in reality more than half the script was still not finalized.

Things were meant to get back into gear last month, after Jeff Nathanson spent the hiatus getting the rest of the script knocked out. Then that hiatus was extended until the end of March and David Koepp was brought in to deal with the lingering script issues. Now the clock is ticking and Sony is in the very unusual position of having the first act of an unfinished script in the can. A new feature looks into the long, weird development of Men in Black III and suggests that conflicting personalities are turning an ungainly project into something that teeters on the brink of real failure. Read More »