Megamind Movie Trailer


Dreamworks Animation has finally released a full length trailer for their upcoming superhero comedy Megamind. DWA’s supposed answer to The Incredibles looked like the exact opposite of anything I’d want to watch in the initial teaser trailer. But this new full length trailer has me a bit more excited. The opening, which is an obvious reference to Superman’s origin story, is a nice starting off point. But the trailer slowly degrades into the corny Dreamworks-like comedy (more Shrek than Kung Fu Panda). And did I mention that I hate the character design of Megamind? But remember, the trailers for How To Train Your Dragon were also pretty bad. So… how much of the movie is Dreamworks showing us?

The most shocking thing about the trailer is that it it isn’t really a full length trailer. Sure, it is two and a half minutes long, but it serves more of a teaser. The trailer doesn’t even reveal the HUGE plot point which is the entire starting point of the story. For those of you interested, I’ve included the official plot synopsis below. Check out the trailer now embedded after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Megamind Teaser Trailer: Oh, Dreamworks.


The DreamWorks Animation film Megamind has gone through few changes: last fall Robert Downey, Jr. dropped out as the lead of the voice cast, and was replaced by Will Ferrell. Then the film got a new title when the original OoberMind was changed to the current Megamind. When Peter reported that change he said the film was sounding “more and more DreamWorks-like,” which isn’t such a good thing. Now there is a teaser, and I have to agree. Check it after the break. Read More »


We haven’t seen Rene Russo in a feature film since Yours, Mine and Ours in 2005, and (as someone noted, but I don’t recall whom) we haven’t seen her do a decent movie since The Thomas Crown Affair, in 1999. But Russo’s turn in Wolfgang Peterson’s In the Line of Fire will never fade, so I’m happy to see her coming back to the screen as a Norse queen.

Russo has been cast in Thor, where she’ll play Frigga, the wife of Odin and mother to Thor and Loki. Sounds like a rather small part — with all the characters we already know about there can’t be much room for Thor’s mom. But if anyone can manage a sprawling cast on film it is the Shakespeare-worshipping Thor director Kenneth Branagh. [Variety]

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In his new book of essays, Eating the Dinosaur, pop culture critic Chuck Klosterman posits that “as a species we have never been less human than we are right now.” Part of the reason why this has happened, he says, is that our growing consumption of media, movies, and entertainment has made it so that “we can’t really differentiate between real and unreal images.” He concludes that we thus, “no longer have freedom to think whatever we want.” For instance, the words, “basketball game,” instantly trigger a mental image of the NBA before (rather than?) a memory of a real experience. The Klosterman twist is that while “reading about Animal Collective on the Internet has replaced being alive,” he’s generally okay with this cultural and social development. I should add that he admits that the Unabomber’s Manifesto and its author had several really good and scarily prescient points.

In his second interview with /Film, many of Eating the Dinosaur‘s ideas are discussed within the context of modern television series like Mad Men and 30 Rock. We also discuss the significance of the odd documentary-style used on The Office and now Modern Family, and why he believes pop-culture writing/blogging on the internet unfortunately has become “an institutional voice” that rivals academia. Is this where I type, “Hopefully the next trailer is better?” For our first interview round with Chuck Klosterman, click here.  For Klosterman’s updates on film adaptations of his books Fargo Rock City and Killing Yourself to Live, click here.

Hunter Stephenson: What’s your biggest problem with 30 Rock?

Chuck Klosterman: [pause] Does it seem like I have one?

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DreamWorks Animation’s Oobermind Gets New Title


Last night it was announced that Dreamworks Animation had signed a deal with video game company THQ. In the press release, a new name was listed for the upcoming 2010 superhero comedy Oobermind. The new title will be MegaMind, which off the bat is not only a lot easier to say, but gets the point across quicker. The original working title for the film was Master Mind. In August, Robert Downey Jr had dropped out of the project, and was replaced by Will Ferrell. DWA’s supossed answer to The Incredibles is sounding more and more Dreamworks-like every day, and that’s not a good thing.

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Date Night Teaser Trailer

Date Night

There have been a bunch of movie trailers to hit over the last 24 hours: Clash of the Titans, Kick-Ass, and now 20th Century Fox has released the first teaser trailer for the Action romantic comedy Date Night. The film stars Tina Fey and Steve Carell as Claire and Phil Foster, as a bored married couple’s attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous due to a case of mistaken identity.

The Fosters are a typical suburban couple whose lives – including their weekly date nights of dinner and a movie – have become routine. To reignite the marital spark, they visit a trendy Manhattan bistro where a case of mistaken identity turns their evening into the ultimate date night-gone-awry. But as Claire and Phil take their unexpected walk on the wild side, they begin to remember what made them so special together.

Judging from the trailer, this is just what we would expect from Night at the Museum/Pink Panther helmer Shawn Levy. A couple mild jokes, an obvious storyline and a flurry of cameos and small supporting performances from actors/actresses you know (like Mila Kunis, Leighton Meester, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig, and Ray Liotta). If you look closely near the end of the trailer, you might even see Olivia Munn, of G4 Attack of the Show fame. And what is up with Wahlberg’s Minority Report/Iron Man-style futuristic computer set-up? Seems a bit too much for this movie, doesn’t it?

Fox is betting on this film to be an early summer comedy, but it will face some heavy superhero competition, going head to head with The Losers, and the next week Kick-Ass and Machette. Watch the trailer after the jump, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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We’ve got a batch of new photos, mostly snapped surreptitiously from set. First up is the debut look at the new cast of The A-Team as they shoot in Vancouver. And after the break, you can get a look at better shots of The Green Hornet, a new magazine cover for Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans, a bunch of Red Dawn‘s propaganda posters and the shot of Steve Carell and Tina Fey in Date Night I know you’ve all been waiting for. Read More »

Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo Movie Trailer #2


Walt Disney Pictures has released the full length movie trailer for the American redub of Legendary Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki‘s latest movie Ponyo. The film will be released on over 800 screens, the largest American release yet for Miyazaki. And the trailer features some fantastic visuals which will hopefully appeal to the masses. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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