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Steve Martin voices the main character in Home, a DreamWorks Animation film opening this Thanksgiving. He’s Captain Smek, the leader of a race of aliens called the Boov who are searching for a new planet to call… you know. With a film like this, the studio surely hopes they’re sitting on a new animated franchise. But since Home isn’t based on a well-known property, how does one build buzz? How about releasing a Home short film that serves as a prequel to the movie?

Below, check out exactly that. A four minute short film called Almost Home which tells the amusing backstory to the Boov’s perilous journey. Read More »


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DreamWorks Animation Readies ‘Rumblewick’

Briefly: The future slate for DreamWorks Animation is already packed with a great many sequel projects, but there is evidently still room for some new projects that could spawn future sequels down the line. The lastest option is for the kids’ book My Unwilling Witch (The Rumblewick Letters) by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warburton, which tells of a witch’s cat whose owner no longer wants to be a witch. Read More »

Producer Tim Johnson has described the announced sequel for How to Train Your Dragon as “a much bigger movie,” and Dreamworks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg stated that the How To Train Your Dragon series will have  “at least three” chapters “maybe more.” Co-director Dean DeBlois explains how the sequel, and future of the series, will expand the story to other worlds.

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