Casting on Machete Kills continues to speed ahead, as Modern Family star Sofia Vergara becomes the latest to sign on. Also after the jump:

  • Leonard Nimoy has not confirmed a Star Trek 2 cameo
  • Tim Burton offers a tiny Beetlejuice 2 update
  • Anna Faris probably won’t do Scary Movie 5
  • Men in Black 3 gets creative with its marketing
  • Kristen Stewart spills about the Breaking Dawn reshoots

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Now that a bunch of people have seen the summer’s first blockbuster, The Avengers, our eyes wander down the calendar to the summer’s second weekend: May 11. There’s just one wide release that day (likely because studios were still afraid of Marvel’s team up) and it’s Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bohnam Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer. Since the release of the trailer, fan interest has piqued as the film seems to be a return to the Burton of old, a frightening setting filled with weirdness and humor ala Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

Do Burton and Depp succeed in that aim? Entertainment Weekly senior writer Anthony Breznican has seen the movie and tweeted some thoughts over the weekend. Check out his tweets after the jump. Read More »

Like many folks in Hollywood, Tim Burton has a handful of people he likes to work with time and time again. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carters are probably the most obvious examples of his frequent collaborators, having co-starred in approximately four hundred Burton movies, but in the past year the filmmaker appears to have added another name to his speed-dial list: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smith.

Grahame-Smith scripted the upcoming Burton-directed Dark Shadows, while Burton produced the Grahame-Smith adaptation Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; in addition, they’ve also been talking about Grahame-Smith’s script for his sequel to Burton’s ’90s classic Beetlejuice. And now Grahame-Smith has let slip that he’s got yet another project with Burton on his upcoming slate, a stop-motion animation titled Night of the Living. Read more after the jump.

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Warner Bros’ Water Tower Music has put composer Danny Elfman‘s entire score online for Tim Burton‘s big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows. Click over to to listen to the tracks, but be warned that a couple of the song titles are spoilers (ie “Killing ______” and “______ Departs”). The soundtrack is also available for preorder on Amazon, $11.29 for the CD.

via: CBM

So much for Beetlejuice being a reboot and not a remake. Now writer Seth Grahame-Smith it’s not a reboot either, but a straight-up sequel. Also after the jump:

  • Madagascar 3 gets a cute new poster to go with its cute new trailer
  • There’s a teaser for the upcoming teaser for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II
  • Maggie Grace talks Taken 2 and not fixing things that aren’t broken
  • Warwick Davis does not want a Leprechaun remake, but he has an idea for a sequel

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Here at last is the trailer for Dark Shadows, the most recent of many pairings between director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. The actor has wanted to revive the ’60s supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows for years, and he and Burton, after much planning, finally shot the movie last year. One of many questions about the project has been concerned with whether something that has come across like a bit of an obsession for Depp can translate into a movie that people want to see now.

The trailer premiered on Warner Bros.-owned The Ellen Degeneres Show today — appropriate, I suppose, for a film that adapts a soap opera — and we’ve got it below.

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We’ve been very curious to see the trailer for Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer, but despite the film’s opening date being just a couple months away, so far we’ve seen only stills. The first trailer will arrive on Thursday, via a rather unlikely source: The Ellen Degeneres Show. Perhaps Warner Bros. thinks that the best way to debut a look at the updated supernatural soap opera is to do so in a time slot that might have held the original show?

Reglardless, we can’t see the full trailer yet, but an Ellen promo contains the first snippets of footage from the film — we’re talking little more than a few frames — and you can see it below. Read More »

Two films we’ve been looking forward to will be making an even bigger splash than we had anticipated. The IMAX Corporation has announced that Tim Burton‘s Frankenweenie and Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus will each be getting IMAX 3D releases, starting on the same day as their regular theatrical runs. Though neither film was shot in IMAX, they’re both being digitally re-mastered into the IMAX format. More details after the jump.

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