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Every time we write an article about the best movies coming to Netflix, we have the unfortunate task of writing an article about the best movies leaving Netflix. Here’s what you need to watch before it’s too late.

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Film Meets Art

Some have criticized Quentin Tarantino for stealing from other movies, but it’s a practice that he’s very open and even proud of, and he should be. For centuries, all the best artists have been inspired by the artists the came before them, and the same can be said of every single filmmaker out there.

While most directors may not borrow as much from other movies as Quentin Tarantino, a video series called Film Meets Art compares movies like There Will Be Blood, Melancholia, Lost in Translation, Empire of the Sun, Inherent Vice and and even Django Unchained to the pieces of art that inspired some of their gorgeous shots.

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Paul Thomas Anderson Boogie Nights

Two movies. That’s all it took for every single Paul Thomas Anderson movie to become an event. His first film, Hard Eight, opened with relatively little fanfare. His second, Boogie Nights, announced to the world that Anderson would be a filmmaker to celebrate. One whose work we would anticipate, possibly revere. With each subsequent film, film fans everywhere have salivated to find out what Anderson has in store for us next.

The latest event, Inherent Vice, opens in limited release this weekend. It’s both a huge departure for the director in that it’s the first film of his directly based on someone else’s work (the inspiration for There Will Be Blood was very different from the final film), but somehow it also perfectly fits into his career. Like most of his movies, it’s a film set in and around California and tells a story about its history. Anderson loves California, and that interest shows in almost every one of his movies. And while exploring that running theme, each of his seven movies gets more confident and daring. There has yet to be a single misstep.

Still, there has to be some kind of hierarchy, right? Some kind of almost impossible deathmatch in which these seven glorious works are pitted against one another, to see which triumphs.

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Aaron Horkey - There Will Be Blood header

This month, Paul Thomas Anderson is set to start filming his seventh feature film, Inherent Vice. For fans of the generally shy director, that’s reason enough to celebrate. Now Mondo has sweetened the pot considerably, announcing a poster series for the films of Anderson curated by artist Aaron Horkey.

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These days, animation isn’t as defined by age as it once was. Once upon a time, a Disney movie was only thought to be for kids. But recently, Pixar has tackled mature themes, the humor of South Park has become a cultural institution, Star Wars is an animated TV series, comic book characters have cartoons and thanks to genres like anime, R-rated animation isn’t an oxymoron.

Enter Justin White, an up and coming artist made popular through sites like Threadless. He’s decided to take that thought one step further and turn some of your favorite live action movies and TV shows in to animation. His first solo show is called Rated G and opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose, in Los Angeles on Friday. We’re proud to exclusively the entire show.

White’s familiar yet flithy animated style has reimagined scenes from 30 films and shows never meant for animation. Films like Fight Club, Fargo, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, Oldboy, Kindergarden Cop, Alien, Reservoir Dogs, There Will Be Blood and a whole lot more have been reimagined as high quality animation cels. He even tackled TV shows like Community, The Office, Breaking Bad and more.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Press Play created an interesting 8-minute video essay on The Symmetry of There Will Be Blood‘. The essay takes a look at how director Paul Thomas Anderson has used symmetry throughout his career, but most specifically how it is used in There Will Be Blood to explore “visual rhyme and balance”. Watch the essay now embedded after the jump.

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Video: How Our Eyes Move While Watching A Movie

When we sit back to watch a movie, we rarely think of the mechanics behind it. You plop down, sip a soda, munch some popcorn and keep your eyes forward. That might seem like all that’s going on but your brain, and particularly your eyes, are getting a workout of epic proportions. Those peepers are constantly darting around, exploring the frame and trying to process what they’re seeing, how it moves and so much more. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch some sort of video that gave a visual representation of how people’s eyes move around when they’re watching a movie? Look no further than below the jump. Read More »

VOTD: The Movie Alphabet

YouTube user TheToaster2006 has created a supercut of film characters reciting the alphabet, one movie for each letter of the alphabet. Hit the jump to watch the video now.
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Over the weekend I caught a friend howling with laughter while watching something that looked like a video game — turned out it was the fake 16-bit video game based on There Will Be Blood. ‘Super There Will Be Blood’ has elements reminiscent of Montezuma’s Revenge, Super Mario Brothers, the platform movie tie ins like the Super Star Wars games, and probably a few other influences that those well-versed in classic games will recognize. And it is pretty funny. See for yourself after the break. Read More »

POTD: There Will Be Blood Rolling Roadshow

Last night I took a two hour trip to Bakersfield, California to see The Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow presentation of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s There Will Be Blood. The movie was filmed in Texas, but the story is very much based on the spur of Oil drilling in California in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Bakersfield is responsible for approximately 10% of the nation’s domestic production of Oil. The screening was held in the outdoor section of the Kern County Museum, where Anderson came to research Blood. In fact, the oil tower seen in the movie is based on the oil tower on display at the museum. I can’t tell you how cool it was to watch this modern American classic while sitting in the middle of a early 20th century American oil town recreation, and every time the oil tower appeared in the movie, it was hard not to look a bit left at the real thing.

More photos after the jump.

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