Collin Chou out of Ninja Assassin

Collin Chou

Collider is reporting that Collin Chou, one of the two reported leads of The Wachowski Brothers-produced, James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) directed Ninja Assassin, has dropped out of the project for unknown reasons. The film was scheduled to start production in just a few weeks in Berlin. I wonder if that time table might have been pushed back as it sounds like the cast is not completely finalized. All we know about the movie is that it’s an original martial arts movie with a revenge storyline. The Wachowski Brothers, the guy who made V For Vendetta and a martial arts revenge story? Count me in.


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Speed Racer Movie Trailer

When The Wachowski Brothers announced they would be making a live action cartoon-looking adaptation of the classic anime series Speed Racer, I was all for it. When it was revealed that the film would be Rated G, because the brothers wanted to make a family film, I was still on board. But when the first teaser trailer hit, that was when I fell off the tracks, down a hill, and into a lake in another state. I argued against the merits of the film in second ever episode FightCast. And was even less impressed with the two international movie trailers released last week. To me (and many others) the action sequences look like a video game, and nothing more. The film appeared to be a disaster of epic proportions.

But then this new domestic movie trailer hit the interwebs, and I’m now feeling very confused and conflicted. I’m not sure if it was just well edited, or may-be I was completely wrong about Speed Racer (if so, I’ll need at least a few days to wash off the egg on my face). But check out the new trailer for yourself, and tell me what you think in the comments below.

[flv: 470 200]

You can also catch the new trailer in High Definition on Yahoo Movies. Speed Racer hits theaters on May 9th 2008.

Discuss: Could Speed Racer actually be good after all?

Speed Racer Movie Trailer

Speed Racer Movie Trailer

The movie trailer for Speed Racer is now online.

When I posted the first set of production photos this morning, I asked for your opinions. I was unable to make a judgement just looking at the still photos, but now that there is full motion video, here are my first thoughts: The Wachowski Brother’s wanted to make a “live-action cartoon”, but I think they instead made a “live-action videogame”. The results are jarring and are sure to polarize audiences. I think some movie fans will be super-hyped, while others will call this “lame and stupid”. I don’t see why the Wachowski’s are so set on making this a G-Rated movie, as the action seems to extreme for such a general audiences rating.

Please again, tell me what you guys think. I want first impressions!

[flv: 470 264]

You can also watch the new trailer in High Definition on Moviefone. Speed Racer hits theaters on May 9th 2008.

New Speed Racer Photos

The Wachowski's Speed Racer

USA Today has released eight new photos from The Wachowski’s Speed Racer. When I heard the cast and crew describe how the film looked like “a live action cartoon”, the picture that entered my head looked something like Sin City. But the actual result, seen above, is indescribable.

“The effects are beyond belief. We called it ‘car fu,’ because it was like kung fu with the cars,” Silver says. “We couldn’t have made this movie until right now.”

And there is more photos after the jump. I’m hearing the trailer is not far behind (these photos appear to be screen captures from said trailer). I’m still taking these in and am not sure what to make of them. I think maybe I need to see what it looks like in full motion before I make any judgements, but what do you guys think? Please comment below!

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Interview: Into The Wild star Emile Hirsch

Into The Wild

At the Toronto Film Festival, we had the opportunity to interview Emile Hirsch about his new film Into The Wild. Sean Penn’s new film adaptation is is one of the best movies of 2007 so far. If the movie is in your city this week, go see it (it expands nationwide in the coming weeks).

Question: What do you think Christopher McCandless would think of this film?

Emile Hirsch: I think he’d be pretty excited about it and the effect it could have on people in a positive way. He’s a person from everything I’ve learned, was a person of action who wanted change. He’s a person who studied humanitarian things. Even in high school, he was so concerned with apartheids. Anything that he thinks can help change the bigger picture, I think he would think is a good thing. And his sister Carine has verified that.

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The Invasion Teaser Movie Poster and Photos

The Invasion Movie PosterWe seem to be the only people excited for The upcoming remake of The Invasion of the Bodysnatches.

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (and possibly The Wachowski Brothers, depending on what rumors you read) The Invasion stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Warner has released the official teaser poster, shown right, which features a handwritten note from “Mom”. Click on the image to enlarge.
The studio has also released two new high resolution photos, which can be seen after the jump.

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Matthew Fox is Racer X in Speed Racer

Matthew Fox is Racer X

Lost star Matthew Fox is in final negotiations to play Racer X in the Wachowski Brothers’ upcoming live-action adaptation of Speed Racer.

Emile Hirsch is Speed Racer, an eighteen-year-old who aspires to become a race car driver, but his father, automotive engineer “Pops” (John Goodman) disapproves. Speed with the help of the amazing Mach 5 race car and girlfriend Trixie (Christina Ricci), embarks on a series of fantastic adventures that pit him and his friends against Skull Duggery, Snake Oiler, Mr. Wiley, and the Alpha Gang. Susan Sarandon is also on board to play Speed’s mother. Fox will play Speed’s mysterious arch-rival, Racer X. I wonder if Fox’s instant like-ability will hurt the character’s villainous status.

The original cartoon was one of the first Japanese animes to catch traction with American audiences. Speed Racer is scheduled to hit theaters on May 9th 2008.

The Wachowski Brothers Rework The Invasion

The Invasion

We previously reported that The Wachowski Brothers were brought in to work on some reshoot material for the upcoming BodysnatchesThe Invasion remake . Well apparently there is MUCH much more to this story. Our friends over at Collider claim that the Brothers were brought in to rewrite over 70% of the movie. Here is what happened.

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