Mark Neveldine has been best known as the writing and directing partner of Brian Taylor. The two moved from commercials to the Crank films, and most recently released Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

It was a year ago that Mark Taylor was announced as the director of Sony’s Twisted Metal video game to film adaptation, and now Brian Neveldine is taking overĀ The Vatican Tapes, a supernatural thriller that has been in development for a few years. The film kicks off when a tape depicting an exorcism gone wrong leaks from the Vatican. Read More »


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Before his 2008 doc Man on Wire, James Marsh also directed a little-seen feature starring Gael Garcia Bernal, The King. He’s also been busy recently with Red Riding: 1980, the second film in the much-lauded British crime trilogy. Now he’s taking another stab at feature films with the supernatural thriller, The Vatican Tapes. The film concerns the events that occur after a tape featuring an exorcism gone horribly wrong gets leaked from the Vatican. The script comes courtesy of Christopher Borrelli (The Marine 2).

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