New Posters: Frank Miller’s The Spirit

UGO has two new posters for Frank Miller’s The Spirit. It’s amazing how well the marketing department at Lionsgate has been able to promote this movie. You would have no indication from any of the production photos, posters or trailers, that the film is nearly as horrible as the clips presented at Comic Con.


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New Photos: Frank Miller’s The Spirit

/Film reader Christopher M sent over these new photos from Frank Miller’s The Spirit, which hits theaters on December 25th 2008. I’ll admit, some of these photos look really bad ass, but I’m still not convinced due to the horrible showing Lionsgate had at Comic Con. More after the jump.

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Minutes after the panel for Frank Miller‘s green screen opus,The Spirit, was over at Comic Con, the Internet exploded like a million snarky bottle rockets, sending up enlightened texts like, “The Spirit, LOL, looks like Sin Shitty,” and the trusty “EPIC FAIL!” Yes, on that marvelous day, the vista view enjoyed from the confines of Twitter was like sipping a Corona inside the Green Zone. Well, the Con footage has now popped (pooped?) up on YouTube. I might as well let the Slashfilmbot take over from here. Samuel L. Jackson caps off this clip by declaring, “C’mon! Toilets are always funny.” Polite fanboy laughter only adds to the cringe factor, like a really bad SNL skit.


UPDATE: Clip was removed.

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Video: Comic Con Day 3 Wrap Up

On Friday afternoon at Comic Con, Peter Sciretta and David Chen of /Film are joined by Kelvin and El Mayimbe of Latino Review and Vic from Screenrant to talk about the atrocity that was The Spirit, the unexpected surprise of The Wolfman and the awesome Watchmen footage.

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/Filmcast Episode 8: Hellboy 2


In this week’s episode of the /Filmcast, Dave, Devindra, and Adam debate whether Robert Downey Jr. would make a good Sherlock Holmes, celebrate Jon Favreau’s return to Iron Man 2, and delve deeply into the cultural phenomenon that is Step Up 2: The Streets. Also, an in-depth review of Hellboy 2. Special guest Dave3 joins us from Geeks of Doom and Peter Sciretta also makes a brief appearance.

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The Spirit Movie Trailer

A full length trailer for Frank Miller’s The Spirit has been released onto the web. My first impression is that of disappointment. I was more impressed by the previously released teaser trailer. A lot of this film was shot on a stage, and judging from this trailer – it feels like it. Gone is the stylized computer generated backgrounds of Sin City, because Black is the new Red. Sin City somehow felt alive and real, this feels like a big screen adaptation of a stage play with some cool effects. The actors come off as actors wearing costumes, rather than comic book characters brought to life on the big screen. And what is up with the psychedelic image of The Spirit falling out of the lips of a woman’s mouth? Am I missing something? I’m also not digging the use of quotes on screen to introduce the characters. If this is the trailer they will be showing at Comic Con, I’m pretty sure the response will be negative. Do you agree? Am I wrong? Comment below!

Thanks to our friends at Rejects for finding this trailer. The Spirit hits theaters on December 25th 2008.

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The Spirit on Total Film

The August issue of Total Film features Frank Miller’s The Spirit on the cover.  It features an exclusive look at The Spirit and Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla and two free posters: Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Dark Knight.

Four Talking Posters From The Spirit

When I first heard that Yahoo had talking posters from Frank Miller’s The Spirit, I thought to myself “Cool, this is the future of movie marketing”. I mean, eventually one-sheet displays will be replaced with flatscreen televisions which can easily switch in and out various movie posters. Say a screening of The Happening just gets out, the theater can load movie posters of films that people who went to see an M Night movie would also enjoy. As you leave The Dark Knight, posters from other comic book movies would light your path of exit. And this new technology would allow for animated and interactive posters.

So when I clicked over to Yahoo I was very disappointed to find four standard character posters. The talking gimmick is just a gimmick. You move your mouse over a poster and a sound clip from that character is played. Sure, it’s interaction, but pretty lamely executed. I was expecting for the characters to come to life. I was expecting their lips to move. Was I expecting too much? Check out the lameness for yourself on Yahoo. Or you could star at the four posters above and pretend they are saying the superimposed quotes. It’s probably just as good.

The latest issue of Comic-Con Magazine has the first official photo of Samuel L. Jackson as The Spirit arch-enemy the Octopus. They also have an interview with Frank Miller talking about the upcoming comic book adaptation. Click to enlarge.

Samuel L. Jackson as The Spirit arch-enemy the Octopus

The Spirit hits theaters on Christmas 2008.