The Simpsons

FX’s $750 million syndication deal will soon deliver benefits to fans. Starting this August, the first 24 seasons of The Simpsons, totaling 530 episodes, will be available to stream on FX’s new app, FXNOW, which is available to qualifying cable subscribers. Read the full press release below. Read More »


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When Homer Simpson and a salaryman friend wander the streets after drinking too much wine, they find themselves in an altered reality derived from the films of Hayao Miyazaki. Yep, in The Simpsons‘ ceaseless quest to catch our attention with short, referential sequences, the show has bowed deeply to the master animator with a sequence packed with visual gags that will be recognizable to even casual fans of the director.

That’s one of the sequence’s big nods, above, but there are plenty more in the scene, which you can see below. Read More »

The Simpsons House

Maybe it’s just personal nostalgia but Lego seems to be getting cooler by the day. Their Cuusoo program is bringing fresh new properties to the platform and almost every set they create feels more impressive than the next one. They’re also adding new brands to their roster and one of the latest is The Simpsons. A slew of sets based on the hit show are on the way and now the first images of the first set, the Simpson House, have come online. Check it out below.

UPDATE – We’ve updated the post with some official images and information about the set including cost and release date. Read More »


The latest Simpsons couch gag to riff on other material draws on the style of Disney’s ‘30s shorts — specifically ‘Music Land,’ from the Silly Symphonies series. So, in ‘Music Ville,’ we see the entire population of Springfield incarnated as musical instruments. Lisa is, of course, a saxophone. Check out the gag below. Read More »

The Simpsons

Gone are the days of being able to watch The Simpsons in syndication every single evening. The show has been on the air for so long (25 seasons) that many of the original syndications deals have sputtered out. Cable TV companies saw that as an opening and, in recent months, a bidding war began for the rights to air the classic cartoon. A winner has now emerged, but it wasn’t cheap.

FXX, the Fox-owned spin-off channel of FX, will end up paying about $750 million for the rights to air The Simpsons in syndication on their network over the next ten years. The deal also includes the ability to make all seasons available on demand on their soon-to-launch VOD app, FXNow.  Read More »

Dave Perillo - Simpsons Treehouse of Horror header

Pumpkins, costumes, candy and horror movies have long been Halloween traditions. One of the newer traditions, over the past few decades at least, is The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. Sick, twisted, and hilarious spins on Springfield’s most famous family referencing gothic film, literature and so much more.

To commemorate these incredible episodes, which now have 24th reincarnations, Acme Archives and artist Dave Perillo have collaborated on a poster. It’ll be release November 13 and you can see it below. Read More »


The Simpsons producers are starting to key in on what brings extra viewers to the show on Sunday nights of late: long couch gags that recruit famous contributors or parody notable films. The guest appearance for the couch gag is hardly new — Bansky’s crazy opening was done in 2010, for example. But this is the second big one we’ve seen in a month. Guillermo del Toro just did a great horror one, and now we’ve got an appropriately long extension of the Simpsons couch gag opening based around The Hobbit. Watch it below. Read More »

‘The Simpsons’ Renewed for 26th Season

The Simpsons

Briefly: We’ve had a good amount of chatter about The Simpsons this week, thanks to the show’s tease/promise of killing off a major character, and Guillermo del Toro’s wonderful opening for the latest Halloween-themed episode of the show. Now we’ve got some significant news: while the show doesn’t seem to be one that many people actively watch at this point, it still gets lots of viewers. Far more than you’d guess, in fact, as the show’s recent season premiere saw a ratings jump of more than 10% from last season.

And so Fox has renewed the show for a 26th season. The show became the longest-running animated series by a long shot many years ago, it is the longest-running sitcom, and in 2009 it became the longest-running scripted American prime time series. With a 26th season, the show will have close to six hundred episodes in the can. The Simpsons has long been a staple of pop culture, and Fox is clearly interested in keeping that going. Now let’s hope this energy could lead to a renewed creative spirit for the show.  [Variety]

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