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Initially a major bomb when released in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show slowly evolved into an underground cult favorite, playing to midnight crowds of hugely dedicated weirdos who attended showings week after week. Even today, most major cities with a decent repertory cinema scene offer regular screenings.

So what does it mean that this transgressive, musical tale of B-movie horror, wacky science fiction, and cross-dressing alien antagonists is getting remade as a Fox TV special? That’s a purely theoretical question, but there is something to be said about something so niche officially crossing over into the mainstream. In any case, the new version will retain at least some of the original’s edge – Laverne Cox has been cast as Dr. Frank N. Furter, which is pretty much perfect.

Learn more about the new addition to the Rocky Horror remake cast after the jump.

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If there’s a film that simply can’t be remade, it could be The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 1975 musical starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon is the poster child for ‘unlikely iconic cult film.’

A piece of cinema adapting the British musical play of the same name, Rocky Horror bombed upon initial release, but developed a midnight following and became the film that best represents the notion of audience participation with film. It might be the longest-running film ever, as there are cinemas that have shown it at midnight on Saturday nights without fail for many years. There’s nothing quite like it, and creating a Rocky Horror from scratch would be next to impossible. A film can only develop this sort of reputation organically.

So, naturally, a studio wants to remake it. Glee creator Ryan Murphy just finished shooting a Rocky Horror-themed episode of his show, and now he’s rumored as director for the remake. Read More »

Australian artist Ken Taylor created two posters for the Alamo Drafthouse’s screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is part of the October horror film series. Rocky Horror has been playing weekly (every saturday at midnight) at the Alamo Village since 2004. The two poster set features Magenta and Riff Raff, and might be the first of a series from what I hear. Each four color poster stands 12 x 36 inches, and comed numbered. Available as a set for $40 or $100 for an uncut sheet on

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Today, MTV has slapped Slashfilm in the face, on both coasts. Firstly, over in San Diego their screaming (nicely paid?) Twilight fans—who are being compared to “Beatlemania” on Twitter—practically turned Peter Sciretta into H.W. Plainview aka Peter /SilentFilms. Update: Matt and Brian from MTV inform us that the company is not responsible for Twilight. The film division had the option dating back to 2004, but in the end it went to Summit. But MTV gushes over the movie and drums up its fans 247, so…

And today from New York, MTV transmitted a message into the air via little lightning bolts that announced they are remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The original is like my…3,000,000th favorite movie ever, but still, it’s my second or third favorite movie featuring Susan Sarandon’s lovelies.

According to the trades, the remake will use the original script, but…”may also include music not featured in the original.” The ears on the Jonas Bros. just perked up like a pregnant cat at the morgue. This new version will be a 2-hour TV movie and it’s scheduled to hit Halloween 2009. Further details await. Maybe mom will let you stay up past midnight…and join you!

Discuss: RHPS x MTV. And hey MTV, you better give Kurt Loder a cameo. Also, The Weasel. And Puck. And Kennedy. And let Michael Myers host.