Disney Logo evolution

Ethan Jones has created a series of compilation videos showing how various animated logo openings have changed and evolved over the years. Most recently Jones has released videos of the Walt Disney Pictures and DreamWorks logo openings.
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VOTD: The Ring (Rescored)

The Ring (Rescored)

The Pitch: /Film reader Chris B sends in this cinematic experiment where someone re-scored The Ring to give the film a totally different mood and tone. It’s amazing how much a score can affect a film sequence, even without editing tricks and out-of-contextuality that recut trailers have.

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Jessica Alba Stars in Horror Remakes

No, Jessica Alba isn’t starring in a remake of Scream. The photo above is part of a pictorial Alba did for Latina magazine, where she recreated some famous horror scenes. The other horror films Alba attempts to recreate includes Psycho, The Birds, Rosemary’s Baby, and even The Ring. Check out some of the other photos after the jump.

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