The Nines

When we saw The Nines at Sundance, Uber-screenwriter turned first time director John August made this statement that took me aback. When asked about how he plans to market the film, August revealed his idea to release the complete raw footage from the film along with the DVD release.

“Essentially, you could load it into your Avid or Final Cut system and it would show up neatly divided into bins. From there, you could cut your own version – or better yet, mash in other content to create something unique: The Nines vs. The Grifters, or Donnie Darknines: The Koalapocalypse.”

I wasn’t quite sure if the idea was insane or genius, but it certainly got me thinking. It’s definitely an out-of-the-box idea that deserves more consideration. Now August is planning to use the same idea for the movie’s theatrical trailer.
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The Nines movie

There were 5 movies we really loved at this year’s Sundance. One of them was screenwriter John August’s directorial debut The Nines. GreeneStreet quickly scooped up the international rights, but we worried that the film might not get distribution in the U.S. because of its unique unconventional narrative. Well good news, Newmarket and Sony have partnered for US distribution (Newmarket will do theatrical, Sony will do home video).

“If you’ve got a challenging indie with geek appeal, they’re your distributor of choice,” August wrote in a recent blog post. The Nines is a movie which some people love fanatically, yet leaves other people scratching their heads. Newmarket has a great track record with this kind of film, and won’t try to market it as something it’s not. They’re small, and can give it the kind of steady nurturing it needs.”

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Sundance: The Nines Movie Review

The Nines

Eight years after his first feature screenplay Go played Sundance, John August returns with his directing debut The Nines.

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Meta Sundance: It’s COLD out there

Sundance 2007It’s extremely cold at Sundance this year, and I’m not the only one who is complaining.

Entertainment Weekly takes a look at the 11 most influential films to premiere at Sundance.

Cinematical’s James Rocchi gives his early review of Black Snake Moan: “Black Snake Moan isn’t a bad film; it’s just not as well-conceived and well-structured as Hustle and Flow.”

It seems like only a year ago when This Film Is Not Yet Rated premiered at Sundance. Well this year the MPAA is trying to fix their image. For the first time in its 38-year history, the group has announced that they will make its ratings rules and regulations public. It will also describe the standards for each rating, and detail the appeal process. Yahoo reports that “[The MPAA] plans to publish the identities of its senior raters.MPAA chairman Dan Glickman and CARA chairwoman Joan Graves will discuss the planned changes over breakfast Sunday with filmmakers, producers and directors at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

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