Nicolas Francoeur Neverending Story

We’ve officially got to the frightening stage of remakes. This is the stage where Hollywood has remade almost every single movie reasonable worth remaking, and even some that weren’t. Now they’re onto the classics. How long will it really be before films like Psycho or Halloween get remade? Oh, wait.

On that list of films that should never be remade, but may one day is The Neverending Story. The 1984 film directed by Wolfgang Petersen follows a young boy who reads a fantasy book and ends up getting involved in the story. It spawned a few sequels, and holds a special place in the heart of many filmgoers because – for some – it was one of their earliest exposures to the world of fantasy, especially seen through the eyes of a young protagonist.

Will The Neverending Story ever get remade? Who knows. But one artist has created some concept art in case it does and it’s pretty impressive. Read More »


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The NeverEnding Story Van


Growing up a kid of the 1980’s, I loved The NeverEnding Story. I mean, who didn’t? But as much as I liked Wolfgang Petersen‘s fantasy adventure film, I would not, I repeat, would not turn my van into a homage to the movie. But apparently, I’m not this guy. Bought in the Summer of 1979 for $7900, and originally themed “Stairway to Heaven”, the owner decided to customize the van around The NeverEnding Story in 1989. The first film is represented on the passenger side, while NeverEnding Story II is pictured on the driver’s side. More photos after the jump.

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