VOTD: Lego Matrix (440 Hours in the Making)


No matter the extent of one’s Neo-burnout, the following video recreating the bullet-time dodge scene inĀ The Matrix using stop-motion and Lego deserves a shout on /Film. Its makers estimate the clip—less than a minute and a half long with credits—took 440 hours and $500 to make using a Canon 850IS camera and painstaking attention to detail. (They calculate that the entire film (relax, not in the works) would take 25 years to finish—or nine hours in a Martyrs-like scenario against free will). Included after the jump is the final result as well a shot-by-shot comparison.

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VOTD: Charlie Chaplin in The Matrix


What if The Matrix was made in 1905 as a silent comedy starring Charlie Chaplin? It would probably look something like this 7-minute Russian television skit, embedded after the jump.

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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has recorded a list of his top 20 favorite films which have been released over the last 17 years. What’s so special about the last 17 years, or the year 1992? That was the year Tarantino became a filmmaker.

Films on Tarantino’s list include Battle Royale, Anything Else, Audition, Blade, Boogie Nights, Dazed & Confused, Dogville, Fight Club, Fridays, The Host, The Insider, Joint Security Area, Lost In Translation, The Matrix, Memories of Murder, Police Story 3, Shaun of the Dead, Speed, Team America, and Unbreakable. It think it’s interesting that Tarantino mentions that The Matrix sequels ruined the mythology, enough to push the first film off the top of his list. Watch the full list after the jump, complete with commentary from Tarantino himself .

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Cool Stuff: Futuristic Movie Timeline


Dan Meth has created a movie timeline for futuristic movies, proving that the future presented in sci-fi classics are rooted in alternatie parrellel universes. Check out the full timeline after the jump.

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The Terminator

During this week’s episode of the Totally Rad Show, Alex Albrecht theorized that one of the many reasons Terminator Salvation didn’t work for him was because he believes that the concept of machines or technology rising up against humanity has been done so many times before, that it is no longer valid (I’ve included an excerpt from the show after the jump).

How can a story work on the same level of the first Terminator film, when the machines and technology are no longer scary. Even in the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica television series, the Cylons weren’t even scary (It should be noted that the show worked on many other dramatic levels, but it never tried to be a thriller).

Or could it be that we’ve reached a place where both the animatronic and computer generated machines no longer look real? And maybe the same could be said about technology. We now live in a technology-infused world, and the evil tech in films like Eagle Eye just ring false.

Terminator Salvation aside, lets have a discussion. In this post-Matrix world, is the story of humans having to defend themselves against scary machines and evil technology a thing of the past?
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shoot the baddies

21-year old UK artist Olly Moss is probably best known for his popular t-shirt designs which have virally spread across the interwebs. He’s probably best known for the Spoilers t-shirt and a series of retro movie poster remakes (that we previously featured in Cool Stuff). His latest t-shirt design, “Shoot The Baddies” has a bunch of shooting-range targets featuring the lines of Godzilla, Agent Smith from The Matrix, a Goomba from Super Mario Brothers, Freddy Kruger from The Nightmare on Elm Street series, a Space Invader, Darth Vader from Star Wars, old school Megatron from Transformers, a zombie and a Terminator.


Another new Threadless t-shirt design released today is Lucas de Alcantara’s “New Hairstyle” which features Princess Leia giving Chewie a perm. Also, one of our favorite Batman t-shirt designs, The Beginning by Alexandre Deviers. has just been reprinted.

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Let’s face it. As far as superpowers go, the ability to move things with your brain is pretty awesome. Sure, flying is cool, turning invisible would have fun benefits, and super-strength could always come in handy. Plus it’s a lot cooler than all the “problem” superpowers, like having your entire body burst into flame, turning into some disgusting creature, or having your power be that you’re just extremely fat, and bouncy, like the Blob.

It’s just not the first power that leaps into people’s minds when they get asked, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” Maybe because that other stuff is too sexy. However, it’s the real thinking man or woman who chooses telekinesis, because once you realize the full potential of that power, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. As the telekinetic Push opens up this weekend, read on for an ultra-brief history of telekinesis, and find out how it’s affected cinematic history.

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VOTD: The Matrix Runs on Windows

Muppets’ Mahna Mahna / Star Wars Mash-up

The Pitch: What if The Matrix ran on Microsoft Windows? “Take the red pill, get the blue screen.”

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LOL: Product Placement Movie Posters

What if movie posters were more honest? What if the theatrical one-sheet wasn’t filled with floating heads of the main stars, but instead featured all the brand tie-ins and product placements up-front?

The Antrepo Design team created a set of vancas posts which are just that. I somehow doubt Hollywood will pick up on this concept.

Now if only they would’ve created a poster for Michael Bay’s The Island… Although for that film, I have a feeling that all the product tie-ins wouldn’t be able to fit on one normal sized poster.

via: laughingsquid

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Why is everything so much cooler in Japan? Warner Bros is releasing a Japan exclsuive Ultimate Matrix DVD giftset which includes a scale model of Nebuchadnezzar by Hot Toys. The model will house four Blu-ray discs and three bonus DVDs. The MSRP is 39,800 Yen, or about $380 US. Each of the three Matrix films come on their own Blu-ray discs, with the forth Blu-ray disc containing all nine of the Animatrix episodes in high definition. The bonus DVDs will include “The Roots of The Matrix”, “The Burly Man Chronicles”, “The Zion Archive”, and a digital copy of the The Matrix. The set is currently scheduled to hit stores in japan on December 17th 2008.

More photos after the jump.

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