The Martin Campbell-directed Green Lantern adaptation, which features Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, won’t hit theaters until June 17, 2011, but Warner Brothers is apparently so pleased with what they’ve seen so far, they’ve already hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim to get to work on Green Lantern 2. In addition, the three screenwriters have also been tasked with the script for a big-screen adaptation of The Flash.
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Today’s tee on T-Shirt Woot is a Flash parody design titled “Poison Apple”. Anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad knows that Apple has refused to support Adobe Flash on the mobile devices. The t-shirt visualizes this decision using the famous DC Comics superhero. This design will only be available for purchase today (well technically, if it is voted one of the top tee designs, it will be available again — but to ensure you get a copy order in the next 24 hours). for only $10.


It’s the news you’ve been waiting for! Well, OK, maybe not, because this is only very incremental news. But in a report about Warner Bros. upcoming release dates (like the newly dated Sherlock Holmes 2) there is word that WB is ready to move forward on The Flash, with other superhero films still in development. And if you’re a Green Lantern fan, you’ll have a new animated series to watch…in a few years. Read More »


When news gets slow in Hollywood, we like to turn our eye to the even stranger stories in the real world. This week we bring you a Back to the Future marriage proposal, the story and video of a man dressed as Spider-Man who trapped a comic book thief during Free Comic Book Day with the help of a couple Jedi knights and The Flash, and the story and video of a bunch of actors shooting an independent film who were almost shot by real Police Officers who thought the robbery scene was real.

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geoff johns justice league

Geoff Johns spoke at WonderCon today, and there were a few interesting bits said involving the future of DC’s superhero movie adaptations. First off, Johns explained his new role as the CCO of DC Comics, stating that he’s “in charge of the creative consistency of the DC Universe” and promised that we’re “going to see a lot more DC Movies.”

The most interesting bit came about when a fan asked if DC and Warner Bros were planning to do something like Marvel is doing with The Avengers, with the goal being a Justice League of America live-action feature film.

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One of the other notable things Warner Bros head Alan Horn said at the ShoWest presentation today involved how the studio hopes to fill the void that will be left by the studio’s most successful franchise. After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II hits theaters in July 2011, that will conclude the biggest box office franchise in cinema history. How does Warner Bros hope to fill the hole left by this profitable series?

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Greg Berlanti to Direct The Flash?


Everwood and Eli Stone writer Greg Berlanti has been named as the front running contender to direct Warner Bros. long awaited The Flash movie. It seems they’ve been keen to hand him one of their heroes for a while now, as he was signed to direct Green Lantern for a while before Martin Campbell came along.

Actually, Berlanti’s involvement in Green Lantern doesn’t end there – he’s one of the film’s producers and co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Goldenberg. Hushed word from that production is proving very good indeed, and has likely done Berlanti a great deal of good in chasing the Flash gig. It’s always nice to think a director has really earned a job.

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UPDATE: Dan Mazeau, current screenwriter on The Flash, has written to IGN following the piece we re-reported yesterday. “Everything is moving forward as planned,” Mazeau said. “I’m still writing the script. Geoff Johns is still consulting. Flash fans have no cause for concern, and — IMO — lots to be excited about.” Original article follows:

When DC Entertainment was formed a few weeks ago and Diane Nelson given the reigns, one of the actions reported was that the company would be recalling characters and projects that had long been stalled. The big example was Wonder Woman, which had gone undeveloped for many years in the hands of producer Joel Silver. Another character that has been in development hell for a while is the Flash. Now former producer Charles Roven talks about how WB and DC took the character back. Read More »

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