Back in December, Empire Magazine wrote something along the lines of “In a perfect world, every movie would be made by the Coen brothers.” This prompted a discussion between /Film reader Angel Diaz and her friends about who the Coens would cast in their version of Star Wars.

A few hours and a photoshop session later, we came up with the attached picture. We love reading your blog and thought you guys might want to post it and spawn some more discussion.

Check out the full photo cast list after the jump.

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Casting Search For The Coen Brothers’ True Grit


Paramount Pictures has begun an open casting search for The Coen Brothers‘ next film True Grit. They have set up a website, TrueGritCasting.com, where young actresses can submit a self-filmed audition tape or find out about open casting calls in Little Rock, AR, Jackson, MI, and Oklahoma. Paramount is seeking a 12-16 year old girl for the lead role of Mattie. She is described as a “simple, tough as nails, young woman in post-Civil War Arkansas.”

Her unusually steely nerves and straightforward manner are often surprising to those she meets. She possessed plenty of true grit and determination. Enough so that she insists on going with 2 marshals to hunt down the killer of her father.

Check out the official casting website for more details.

TIFF Review: The Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man


The Coen BrothersA Serious Man is very comparable to Alexander Payne’s masterwork Election, which just happens to be one of my favorite films of all time. Both films are brilliant dark comedies about teachers who are trying to do their best, trying to do the right thing, and somewhere along the way, make one small bad decision which spirals out of control into the biggest mess you’ve ever seen.

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The Coen Brothers To Reteam With The Dude For True Grit


Variety is reporting that the Coen Brothers‘ will be reteaming with Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges (aka The Dude) for a big screen adaptation of True Grit.

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22% of Vanity Fair’s Top 100 are Filmmakers

Vanity Fair has released the VF 100 – an annual listing of the top 100 leaders of the information age. Below you can find a listing of movie related entries on the list. Check out the full list on VanityFair.com.

4. Steve Jobs – Former Pixar CEO, Member of Disney’s Board of Directors
9. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt – Actors
14. Steven Spielberg – Director, Producer, Dreamworks co-founder
22. David Geffen – Dremworks Co-founder
23. George Lucas – Writer, Director, Producer, Chairman of LucasFilm
24. Jerry Bruckheimer – Producer
28. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird – Pixar’s creative team
32. Sumner Redstone – Majority Owner of Paramount Pictures
33. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor
34. Tom Hanks – Actor, Producer
35. Robert Iger – Head of the Walt Disney Company
43. Oprah Winfrey – Actress (kinda), Producer
44. Jon Stewart – Comedian, Actor
45. Stephen Colbert – Comedian, Actor
53. Jeffrey Katzenberg – Dreamworks co-founder, CEO of Dreamworks Animation
55. George Clooney – Actor, Producer
58. Judd Apatow – Producer, Writer, Director
59. Robert De Niro – Actor, Producer, Director
66. Brian Grazer/Ron Howard – Producer/Director
85. The Coen Brothers – Writers, Directors, Producers
87. The Weinstein Brothers – The Weinstien Co
93. Jerry Weintraub – Producer

Movie Playlist: Nanette Burstein

Welcome to another edition of Movie Playlist, where we talk to the writers, directors, and stars about their favorite films. I’ve always found the celebrity playlists on iTunes to be interesting. Most everyone in the film business moved to Hollywood after discovering their love of films. And I’ve always love talking to people about their favorite films. So talking to the people who make the movies about their favorite films just seemed like a natural idea.

Nanette Burstein is the Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker behind On The Ropes and The Kid Stays in the Picture. Her latest film American Teen follows five high school students through their senior year. I hate to oversell the movie, but it’s literally one of my favorite films of the year.

Nanette Burstein: There are certain directors whose films, I could just watch them endlessly. Alexander Paine, I’m a huge fan of.

Peter Sciretta: You know, I saw a lot of like Election in American Teen…

Nanette Burstein: Yes, Election definitely influenced this film… Like the shots of the kids when you hear their voiceovers and they’re on the bed, I totally took that from Election. There was the night before election where there’s all these dolly shots into all the main characters and their thoughts and like they’re all crane…

Peter Sciretta: It was like those crane shots.

Nanette Burstein: Yeah, those shots are amazing, and that’s what inspired me to do that.

Nanette Burstein: There’s definitely different homages in this film, like Garden State which I love there’s this scene when Hannah goes to the party and she’s alienated and the way I cut that scene was completely influenced by that scene in Garden State where he’s alienated at the party.

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Universal Home Video has announced a 10th Anniversary Edition of The Big Lebowski in September, which will become packaged in a limited edition bowling ball case, seen above. A standard edition in a normal DVD case will also be available for almost half the cost. Yuo can preorder the limited edition now for $23.99, or the standard edition for $13.99 on Amazon.com.

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Two More Burn After Reading Posters

Posters removed at studios request

/Film reader moosatov sends over two new posters for the new Coen Brothers comedy Burn After Reading. Again, we see the inspiration of legendary poster artist Saul Bass, but I still like the original teaser poster more. High Resolution versions after the jump.

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