James Curran (aka Slimjim Studios) made a great opening title sequence for Steven Spielberg‘s The Adventures of Tintin, and last week it earned the animator no small amount of new fans. One of those fans was evidently Steven Spielberg, who invited Curran to the premiere of Tintin this past weekend, and offered him a job. Read More »

There’s a lot of Tintin around today thanks to the reviews that hit the web over the past couple days. But none of those items are as much fun as this unofficial opening credits sequence. The animation below is the work of animator James Curran, who stripped ideas and images from the twenty-four Tintin books by Herge down into icons, and then animated them into a lovely fluid credits sequence.

We know from reviews that Steven Spielberg‘s Tintin boasts a visually distinctive opening sequence of its own (it is drawing comparisons to the credits of Catch Me if You Can) so Curran was on the right track in imagining a way to open the movie. Check out his approach below. Read More »

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson‘s The Adventures of Tintin doesn’t come out until December 21 stateside, but because it opens next week in the UK, it feels like we’ll be seeing the film soon too. Prominent film critics have begun to see the film and have heaped considerable praise on it and now, Paramount has release a brand new, two and a half minute theatrical trailer. If you weren’t sold on this film yet, this action-packed, visually stunning sneak peak should do it. Check it out below. Read More »

The first review of Steven Spielberg‘s The Adventures of Tintin hit last week, and we offered up a few choice quotes from that generally very positive assessment. Over the weekend quite a few other reviews hit, and we’ve sampled them below. The aggregate impression is generally positive, with a lot of praise aimed at the energy and adventure setpieces. Not everyone is taken with the performance capture technology that powers the film. That’s to be expected, and I’m fairly impressed that more reviewers seem to be accepting of that process than put off by it. The film opens on October 26 in the UK and won’t hit the US until December 21. Get a sample of the early reviews below. Read More »

Steven Spielberg‘s The Adventures of Tintin premieres in Paris next weekend, and on October 26 will start to hit theaters in the UK and Europe. But you don’t have to wait two more weeks for some elements of the film. Previews of John Williams‘ score have hit the internet, so you can hear a few seconds of his classic-sounding adventure themes.

The first review of Tintin has hit, as well. It is generally quite positive; check out pullquotes from that, below. Read More »

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Paramount Pictures has released a new international movie trailer for the Peter Jackson-produced Steven Spielberg-directed performance capture animated adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin. If you were skeptical after the initial teaser trailer, this full length preview might just win you over. Its great to actually see more action this time around. I have to admit, the action sequences feel more like a modern Indiana Jones film than Crystal Skull. Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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The past few hours saw a whole bunch of release date shuffles as both of Steven Spielberg‘s 2011 releases, The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse, got new US dates, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will now open five days earlier than planned, but will only play in IMAX for those days, and Gangster Squad gets a 2012 release date that positions it for Oscar. Details on all four films, including some quotes from M:I director Brad Bird about the old-school thinking behind the IMAX plan for his film, are after the break. Read More »

‘The Adventures of Tintin:’ Loads of New Images

It’s been three years since Steven Spielberg last had a film in theaters bearing his credit as director. This year, however, we get two: the WWI stage play adaptation War Horse, opening on December 28, and the long-in-development The Adventures of Tintin, which hits Europe in little over a month and will play in the US beginning on December 23.

Both these films have had a low profile so far, at least in the US. There’s just one trailer for War Horse, for example. The film nerd crowd has been all over Tintin because of the fact that it represents a union between Spielberg, Peter Jackson and WETA, but even with that in mind I feel like US audiences are relatively ignorant of the film. A few preview rolls of footage have been shown at conventions and press events, but there’s a lot of audience awareness left to raise.

So for those who are still a bit in the dark about Tintin, or just want to see more evidence of what Spielberg, Jackson and WETA have achieved with the visual presentation, check out a massive gallery of new stills below. Read More »

I admit to having been pretty skeptical when I first saw the trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. We’ve seen on several occasions how advanced motion capture technology can fail even the most talented of directors, and the teaser trailer did nothing to assuage my fears that this would happen again with Tintin. But then I heard good buzz about the film coming out of Comic-Con, and I started to get excited by this Spielberg/Jackson collaboration.

This week, Paramount Pictures invited /Film on a trip to Wellington, NZ to visit Weta and see a presentation on the film. I accepted this opportunity and made the brutal flight to New Zealand from Boston, MA, joining several other representatives/writers from some of your favorite entertainment sites. Over the next week or two, I hope to post up some further quotes and thoughts from the visit. In the meantime, after the jump, you’ll find a description of what it was like to visit one of the top special effects houses in the world, as well as my impressions of the footage shown to us from the film

[Throughout this post you’ll find images from the film. After the jump: an exclusive image from Tintin].
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Hoards of screaming fans. Autograph seekers evading security. No, it’s not limited to just the cast of Twilight. It also happens when Steven Spielberg makes his first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. After taking the Hall H stage on Friday to present The Adventures of Tintin with his co-producer Peter Jackson, both filmmakers were escorted to the nearby Hilton Bayfront hotel for a press conference. On the way, the pair incited the kind of madness normally reserved for your more traditional celebrities. Spielberg and Jackson are Comic-Con legends however, and when they addressed the press, they offered up a bunch of insightful and interesting thoughts. Subjects ranged from the process of making The Adventures of Tintin to their collaboration, the past, present and future of 3D and much more. After the jump, read seven of the best things these two titans of filmmakers had to say. Read More »