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With the holiday weekend approaching, Paramount Pictures has already unleashed Terminator: Genisys in theaters. It’s a mind-numbing, time travel action adventure that doesn’t measure up to the greatness of James Cameron’s The Terminator or T2: Judgment Day, but runs circles around Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation.

But if you haven’t kept up with the Terminator franchise over the past few decades, you can catch up on Terminator history in 10 minutes with a new retrospective video that begins with The Terminator back in 1984 and moves up through Terminator: Salvation from 2009. It tells you everything you need to know, though it doesn’t explain the best way to deal with all the time travel that’s been happening.

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Terminator 2 T-1000 special effects

Today brings Terminator: Genisys to theaters, mashing up all sorts of elements from the previous films in the franchise into one big, convoluted mess of a time travel sci-fi adventure. (Though our own Peter Sciretta didn’t hate it.) But at the very least, the film does get people talking about what I think is the best film in the series, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

While the newest film brings the liquid metal T-1000 model back into the fray, albeit in the form of Byung-hun Lee instead of Robert Patrick, this time the liquid effects of the regenerating Terminator are done digitally. But back in 1990, even though the film was a pioneer in digital effects, many gags had to be done practically by Stan Winston Studios. And we have a fantastic look back at how the Terminator 2 T-1000 special effects were created. Watch below! Read More »

The 25 Best Movie Robots of All Time

Best Movie Robots of All Time

This weekend, director Neill Blomkamp adds a new member to an exclusive club: movies with really cool robots. It’s a cross-section of movies big and small that drive the story forward with characters made of metal and wire. Sometimes they’re menacing, sometimes they’re hilarious, but the best movie robots are always unforgettable.

In honor of Blomkamp’s movie, Chappie, I’ve ranked my 25 favorite movie robots of all time. It wasn’t an easy task. There are so many subtle differences you have to consider. Is a cyborg a robot? Is an alien a robot? For example, Darth Vader is “more machine than man,” just like RoboCop. Are they both robots? In the end I went with my gut. If the character felt like a robot, or its robotic nature added something to the movie, it made the list. Also, this is (once again) a personal list. I didn’t grow up on Westworld or The Day the Earth Stood Still. I never really felt like Blade Runner‘s replicants were robots. So it’s a little weird and surprising but hopefully that’s why you want to check it out. Hit the jump to find out the 25 Best Movie Robots of All Time.

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Here’s a strange theater project that is coming together via Kickstarter, the same great crowd-sourced funding system that helped gather money to make a statue of RoboCop in Detroit.

The project is Terminator the Second, which is a stage retelling of the story from Terminator 2, but where all dialogue is taken directly from the works of William Shakespeare. How exactly does that work? Watch a teaser video and read the basic approach after the break. Read More »

/Film reader Derek Stettler has compiled a video titled “Reel Wisdom: Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes,” which does just what it claims. Here is more from the editor:

I made this video because I love films and I think there is great wisdom inherent in the film medium. This video represents some of the best wisdom from films, edited together as a single coherent piece of advice on everything from life, death, and purpose, to anger, regret, and destiny. In creating this video, I tried to feature a broad array of films, from action/adventure and sci-fi films, to dramas and traditional/CG animated films in order to show how all genres of film have something important to say.

Watch the video embedded after the jump.

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The Terminator series is responsible for one of my best, and worst, film going memories. The good one was back in the Summer of 1991 when my parents picked me up at  camp and surprised me by driving to the Chester 6 Cinemas in Chester, New York for a matinee of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The surprise was awesome and the movie put it over the top. To this day, T2 remains a favorite.

The flip side to that memory was Terminator Salvation. Just the whole experience. Of course Terminator: Rise of the Machines was bad, but at least it didn’t completely forgo the tried and true Terminator formula while simultaneously bastardizing the films that came before it. As a huge Terminator fan, that was a blow.

So, when Gale Anne Hurd, who is currently producing The Walking Dead and produced the first three Terminator films, says that she’s love to do another one, my reaction is mixed. Read more of her comments and share your thoughts after the break. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Hot Toys is releasing a Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1/6th scale Sarah Connor Collectible Figure as part of their Movie Masterpiece Series line. I’m always amazed at the detail that goes into these figures,

The movie-accurate Sarah Connor collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Linda Hamilton in the movie, highlighting the newly sculpted head and muscular arm, as well as detailed hair sculpture.

The figure is due out in the second quarter of 2010, and is now available for preorder on Sideshow Collectibles for $149.99. Check out a ton of additional photos, and more information about the figure and what is included, after the jump.

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Hot Toys' Terminator 2: Judgment Day: 1/6th scale T800 collectible figure

Hot Toys will be releasing a 1/6th scale T800 collectible figure from the Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The T800 figure is specially crafted based on the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, “highlighting the newly sculpted muscular body and detailed head.” The figure is expected to be released in April/May 2010.  More information and photos after the jump.

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McG Wants Robert Patrick for Terminator 5

t2 robert patrick

It seems to me that all the excitement over both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton‘s potential involvement in Terminator Salvation has gotten McG a little cameo crazy. The director tells FearNet that he has an idea to cast Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, in the potential sequel to Terminator Salvation.

“I like the idea in a prospective next picture that you meet Robert Patrick the way he looks today, and he’s a scientist that’s working on improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure juvenile diabetes and all these things that once again sound like good ideas — and once again live as an idealized expression of ourselves. So imagine seeing a sixty-year-old Robert Patrick and knowing, ‘Holy shit! That’s gonna be the T-1000 – who comes back perfect, lean and the whole thing.’ I haven’t concluded that, but Robert and I had dinner the other night and talked about it.”

This would be cool is the T-1000 actually looked like Robert Patrick by default, but anyone who has seen T2 knows that the T-1000 is a more advanced terminator, composed entirely of a mimetic metal alloy, rendering it capable of rapid shapeshifting and near-perfect mimicry.In the beginning of the filme, t he T-1000 ambushes a police officer and takes on his identity. So if I’m correct, the T-1000 does not look like Robert Patrick by default, and thus, McG’s cameo theory just wouldn’t make any sense.

Update: Apparently the T-1000 appears as Robert Patrick before he attacks the police officer, so I’m completely wrong. I’ve just always assumed that the T-1000 wouldn’t have a default human mode, because, what would the point be? The T-1000 can change into anything or anyone, and having a standard look would make him more vulnerable in the war between the humans and machines. On the other hand it would be cool if we eventually seen the moment when the T-1000 is sent back to kill John Conner. Instead of having the T-1000 modeled after the scientist, I would love to see the T-1000 kill the scientist and mimic his look before taking the trip.

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