The biggest recent Star Wars news is in regards to its animated future, but there’s plenty more Star Wars to go around. After the jump, read about the following:

  • Joss Whedon wouldn’t bring back the original characters if he did Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Which Disney universe has more characters: Star Wars or Marvel?
  • George Lucas plans to open up an art museum.
  • Bad Robot producer Bryan Burk talked about joining Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Billy Dee Williams wants your help to bring Lando back.
  • President Obama makes light of his recent Star Trek/Star Wars mix-up.
  • Poster artist Drew Struzan “has not” been approached for Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Jango Fett himself, Temuera Morrison, throws his hat into the ring for a Boba Fett spinoff.

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What villains might appear in Thor 2 and when could we possibly see it? Did Robert Rodriguez actually have a connection to Deadpool? Why exactly didn’t Wonder Woman make it to air? And would you like to post yourself doing the Green Lantern oath and see a brand new poster? All the answers will be revealed in the latest Superhero Bits. Read More »

Last night during 30 Rock and American Idol Warner Bros. premiered a new TV spot for Green Lantern, but the spot was really more of a recut trailer. At 1:30, it is essentially a shortened version of the WonderCon footage that was shown off not long ago. But there are a few new bits sprinkled here and there in this edit. and it is good to see that Green Lantern looks like a properly cosmic, more than a little bit weird movie to rival the two Marvel films hitting this summer. Read More »

Tracker is one of those minor movies I’m trying to keep on my radar. (And on yours.) It’s a film out of New Zealand directed by Ian Sharp, and starring Ray Winstone as a Boer War veteran who is hired to  find and bring to justice a Maori man (Temuera Morrison) accused of killing a British officer. We’ve seen a couple photos of the actors in character, and now there’s a trailer, which you can see below. Read More »

First Look: Abin Sur, From Green Lantern


Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has started to bring larger, more interesting props to Comic Con. Recently it was the Owl Ship from Watchmen, which, no matter how you felt about the film, was a great piece of construction to walk around in. (OK, crawl around in.)

This year, the big prop is a model of Abin Sur, the alien that gives Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) his ring and power in Green Lantern. Read More »


Green Lantern will begin filming on Monday (March 15th) in New Orleans (according to CBM they “will be shooting a bar scene at the Old Point Bar, 545 Patterson Drive, New Orleans during the day”).  And as production begins to gear up, we have some last minute casting news from Heat VisionTaika Waititi and Temuera Morrison have officially joined the cast.

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I’ve been hoping to see Temuera Morrison get a role where he could be as intense and amazing as he was in Once Were Warriors. Star Wars sure didn’t provide it; nor did Couples Retreat. Could Tracker be the one to do it? With Morrison working opposite Ray Winstone in a chase film set at the turn of the century in New Zealand, I’m hoping so. Read More »

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