This is easily my favourite film news story of the year so far. According to reports coming out of the Berlin Film Festival, Lars von Trier and Martin Scorsese are to team up for a remake of Taxi Driver and that Robert De Niro will star, presumably still in the role of Travis Bickle.

This sounds like Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant squared, or even to the power of von Trier’s own The Five Obstructions. I hope – hell, I pray – that Scorsese or De Niro don’t pull out and scupper this.

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It’s a crazy, mixed up world and we are thankful for movies, sans The Tooth Fairy, that offer proof. /Film’s Weekend Weirdness examines such flicks, whether in the form of a new trailer for a provocative indie, a mini review, or an interview. In this installment: the perverse and obscure ’60s thriller, Who Killed Teddy Bear?, being shown tonight at NYC’s Anthology Film Archives; the doc, Nick Nolte: No Exit, which finds good ol’ Nick candidly Q&Aing himself on topics ranging from god to drugs. For a special Weekend Weirdness posted yesterday about the imaginative skateboarder fantasy Machotaildrop, click here.

Photographed above is a real deal, shrink-wrapped, limited-edition VHS for The House of the Devil, promoting its release on DVD/Blu-Ray early next month. It’s one of the coolest pieces of swag I’ve received for this column thus far; to my knowledge only a few peeps were sent one, including Devil-supporter Drew McWeeny at HitFix. And even fewer peers have watched the tape. Some are scared, others are sans VCR. I’ve seen last year’s best horror flick at least thirteen times now, so I’d rather keep it sealed. Similar to the wizard-bong approved THotD poster design by Kellerhouse last year, the VHS packaging has faux rental scruffs, in addition to a retro “new release” starburst. A disclaimer on the back reads, “Caution: This film contains Satanic references and graphic violence.” Haters would add: “…and so much pointless walking.”

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VOTD: Quentin Tarantino on Taxi Driver


To promote Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino hosted a week of films on the British television station SkyMovies. In past weeks, we’ve featured some of the gems to come out of this appearance, including Tarantino’s listing of the top 20 movies to be released since he became a filmmaker and his review of There Will Be Blood. Today we bring you Tarantino on Martin Scorsese‘s Taxi Driver, one of the filmmaker’s top five favorite movies. In addition to Tarantino’s 8-minute review, Quentin talks about a infamous rumor which has become Hollywood legend, involving Scorsese contemplating murder after a Hollywood executive forced him to edit his film for an R-rating.
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Cool Stuff: Robert De Niro Times Six Print

denirotimessixIn January, Nakatomiinc released an awesome print by Tim Doyle, which was an homage to Bill Murray‘s many great roles. The print sold out fast, and doyle began work on the second in the series: Robert De Niro Times Six which takes a look at  the many characters that Robert has played over his career: Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, The Untouchables, and Jackie Brown. The print is extremely widescreen (as seen after the jump), 6 inches high by 36 wide, 4 colors, printed by D and L.  Signed and Numbered. Nakatomiinc is selling two different editions, a regular edition (shown after the jump) for $30 (only 150 prints) and a Glow in the dark Blue Variant (shown above) for $50 (only 25 prints).

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Cool Stuff: Print Mafia’s Taxi Driver Art Prints

Last week we featured Print Mafia’s Cinema Series of Art Prints which included classic shots from 1970’s movies – Robert De Niro from Raging Bull, Sylvester Stallone from Rocky, Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde, and Steve McQueen in Bullitt. The new additions are a two print “We Are The People” set from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver: Jodie Foster as Iris and Robert De Niro as Travis. Printed on 13 x 20 100lb. Cougar Heavy Stock, limited to 80 prints, and available for $30 each.

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The Incredible Hulk No More

Spider-Man 50 and The Incredible Hulk Poster

Our friends at io9 have noticed a similarities between the new poster for The Incredible Hulk and the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #50. I’m guessing that this homage was probably intentional. The image also might seem familiar to those of you who have seen Spider-Man 2, as the issue’s storyline “Spider-Man No More!” was used as part of that Spider-Man film adaptation. Others have noticed that the poster is also similar to the poster for Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, pictured below.

Taxi Driver

We’ve also included a large scan of The Amazing Spider-Man #50 for your viewing pleasure:

The Amazing Spider-Man #50